DSA Micro Survey State of the Nation: The Singaporean Cyber Threat Commissioned by Trend Micro

Data is now acknowledged to be a company’s single most valuable business asset and in many cases, the business itself is built on nothing but data. It means data is no longer something that just supports business, it has become the very currency of business itself. As such, the demands of keeping data safe and secure have escalated. At the same time, the threat to applications, systems and associated data has never been more pronounced, more frequent and more varied.

As one of the technological leaders in the region, security has to be of utmost importance, as well as concern, for every organisation in Singapore in today’s increasingly hyperconnected business environment. In fact, pundits are already saying that cyber security is set to be the next economic battleground for this technology-driven island nation.

To delve into the topic further, Trend Micro asked DSA to conduct a survey into how knowledgeable and how well-prepared Singaporean IT professionals are when it comes to dealing with modern-day cyber security threats. We looked into things like how many people actually get hit by attacks that disrupt their business, how confident people are about the new types of threats they face and the strength of solutions that people currently have in place.
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