DSA Micro Survey Indonesia - Transformation and Cyber Threat Commissioned by Trend Micro

The world of business and IT is in a state of massive transformation. Across South East Asia, businesses and governments are increasingly undertaking digital transformation initiatives to become truly data-driven. Data has become one of the world’s most valuable resources and as the importance of data continues to rise, the role of cyber security, in keeping data safe and secure, is also elevating in importance.
Indonesia, with its complex and vast population, is going through its own unique transformation journey fraught with its own set of risks and challenges. To delve deeper into the state of their digital transformation and cyber threats that are faced by Indonesian organisations, DSA conducted a survey, commissioned by Trend Micro, titled “Indonesia – Transformation and Cyber Threat”.
We investigated how IT and security professionals in Indonesia are handling the new security threat landscape and we have used the results of the survey to provide insights into areas such as perceived threats, actual threats, education and understanding of advanced threats that are impacting businesses every day.
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