2020 Press Releases

March 23, 2020

Snowflake Announces Adobe Integration to Empower Marketers with Scalable Platform Data Insights

Snowflake, the cloud data platform, announced a new Federated Data Access (FDA) connector integration with Adobe Campaign, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, to empower marketers with a scalable platform for achieving deeper data insights. The integration enables Adobe Campaign users to extend their data into Snowflake to leverage the benefits of a single, integrated data platform for powerful marketing campaign data insights in real-time, all with zero-management.
The Snowflake and Adobe Campaign integration provides users with the ability to unlock deep value from their data by offering a single, unified, and easy-to-use platform for data analysis. The cloud data platform requires zero management as it infinitely scales to support any amount of marketing data from Adobe Campaign including mobile, social, email, and offline campaigns, as well as inbound-outbound channel fusion data, for any number of business users.
“We’re excited that Adobe Campaign customers will now be able to utilize the full benefits of Snowflake for their marketing data,” said Snowflake Head of Media, Entertainment & Advertising, Bill Stratton. “Snowflake supercharges data insights for marketers by providing a zero-management data platform that scales as marketing data increases, which allows organizations to focus on what really matters most - their customers.”
Snowflake empowers marketing teams to bring more personalised messages to their customers a
s Adobe Campaign data increases. Organisations will be able to run larger and more varied campaigns that better reach their target audience by giving users access to real-time data insights. Marketing teams will also realise the benefits of Snowflake as they analyse and iterate on campaigns for their evolving business needs.

“The combination of Adobe Campaign and Snowflake is remarkably positive for companies with huge amounts of data,” said Adobe Product Manager, Thomas Jordy. “This integration gives marketers easy access to their data to use how they see fit, opening new ways to personalize and thus drive better experiences for their customers, without any cumbersome platform management. Adobe Campaign users who employ the Snowflake connector will quickly see improvements to their data-driven marketing strategies.”

DNA, Finnish telecoms company, currently has 25 Terabytes of compressed data in Snowflake, with plans to double the amount of their organisation’s data on the platform in the next year. DNA’s ultimate goal is to have the most satisfied customers in the industry, and they will be using Snowflake as the fast and cost-efficient platform for their Adobe Campaign customer journey data, data analytics, and business intelligence to deliver on that goal.

“The amount of data, customer profiles, personalization demands, and need for automated workflows and real-time solutions increases daily, especially in the telecoms industry” said DNA Head of Data and Visualization, Tuomo Kokkarinen. “Snowflake and Adobe Campaign are key elements in our marketing strategy and with this solution, we'll be able to deliver personalized omnichannel customer experiences, easy to use products and  proactive customer care that will help achieve our goal of having the most satisfied customers in the industry.”