2020 Press Releases

January 22, 2020

RTI Selects Equinix to Extend Connectivity Solutions in Australia & Japan

Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data centre company, has announced that RTI Connectivity Pte. Ltd. (RTI) has chosen Equinix to extend its connectivity solutions in Tokyo, Japan, and Sydney, Australia.
Via Guam, RTI’s transpacific submarine cable systems are the newest secure long-haul routes interconnecting the Asia-Pacific region and Australia. This new cable systems will improve latency between these continents, while also greatly reducing provisioning timeframes.
Hyperscale cloud providers and enterprise companies are fuelling data growth between the Asia-Pacific region and Australia. These customers require different paths, enhanced quality of service and cost-effective bandwidth solutions.
Equinix’s expertise in delivering and managing cable landing stations and its access to dense, rich ecosystems of networks, clouds, and financial and IT service providers is why RTI chose Equinix IBX data centres. Also, Equinix gives a neutral landing point for submarine cable operators, reducing their costs and time to deploy by simplifying operations at a neutral location.
Highlights/Key Facts

  • RTI, an experienced cable owner, and its affiliates will soon be completing construction on several new high-fibre capacity cables that will land on Guam. Equinix termination points that are currently live include the following two cable routes:

    • Japan-Guam-Australia South Cable System (JGA South) connecting Sydney and Guam with termination into Equinix SY4 IBX in Sydney and with a branch to Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

    • Japan-Guam-Australia North Cable System (JGA North) connecting Tokyo and Guam with termination into Equinix TY2 IBX in Tokyo.

  • RTI’s transpacific cable systems will further enhance and contribute to the expansion of communications networks from the Asia-Pacific region and Australia, thereby improving network redundancy, ensuring reliable communications and expanding onward connectivity options in Guam. With direct access to JGA South and JGA North in Australia and Japan, Equinix provides its customers with the ability to connect and expand business in both Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Equinix’s strength as a global, carrier-neutral platform and interconnection provider makes it a desirable place for strategic submarine projects to land within Equinix ecosystem hubs. Equinix hosts more than 2,500 cloud and IT service providers on its global interconnection platform, Platform Equinix®. Equinix operates 200+ data centres serving close to 10,000 customers in highly interconnected markets with industry-leading reliability, security, performance and choice of rich digital ecosystems. Currently, Equinix IBX data centres are subsea enabled in 36 metros around the world.


  • Russ Matulich, Chief Executive Officer, RTI

“JGA South’s initial design capacity of 36 Tbps empowers our customers with unrivaled scalability that will seamlessly interconnect Equinix’s campuses in Sydney and Tokyo. Content users of any size can now quickly connect to us across the campus, easily transmit their content over the fastest path between Sydney and Tokyo, and rest assured that their content is being delivered safely and securely.”

  • Tim Stronge, Vice President, Research, TeleGeography

“The next-generation design of cable landing stations is evolving to take advantage of economics and technology. Equinix will manage the cable landing station for the JGA South and JGA North subsea cable systems directly in Equinix IBX data centres. This new Pop-to-Pop concept holds the potential for cost savings and an increase in performance to the operators of the cable system.”

  • Jeremy Deutsch, President, Equinix Asia-Pacific

“RTI’s transpacific cable systems is a great addition to the list of submarine cable systems offered in Equinix, and presents further connectivity options to our customers. We’re proud to facilitate greater business opportunities between Australia and Asia and provide additional enhanced and efficient interconnection options for enterprises and service providers alike, to continue to drive growth of the digital economy between these two growing markets.”