2020 Press Releases

May 18, 2020

Pure Storage Announces Availability of Pure as-a-Service™ Platform in ASEAN Region

Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers storage as a service, announced that its Pure as-a-Service™ platform is now available in countries in the ASEAN region including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Pure is the first and only company to offer a unified subscription that enables complete flexibility across cloud and on-premises solutions. Pure’s approach helps organisations replace antiquated storage systems with fast, flexible resources that fit modern operating environments.

New Pure as-a-Service customers who sign up for a minimum of 12 months and 50 TiB reserve capacity commitment will get their first three months free as part of Pure’s COVID-19 response program for its customer base.
Pure Storage pioneered the use of flash storage in enterprise data centres and hybrid cloud environments and continues to lead the market with new technology and business model innovations such as as-a-service offerings. Pure customers are using these products to drive data centre consolidation, build multi-cloud architectures, run high availability services, and create an analytics core their company can build around. As CIOs look to drive agility and efficiency, they are increasingly moving toward as-a-service models. 
58 percent of IT organisations prefer as-a-service over CAPEX (capital expenditure) and lease options as shown from IDC research data. Nearly 60 percent of IT cloud Infrastructure will be consumed as-a-service over the next three years.

“Customers know that an investment in innovation is an investment in their future. They want services that grow and change as they do. They’ve told us that ease of use, interoperability, and a clear upgrade path drive long term strategic relevance,” said Chua Hock Leng, Regional Managing Director, ASEAN, Pure Storage. “We disrupted the storage industry with enterprise-grade flash and our Evergreen™ model. We are now delivering on our vision of a Modern Data Experience — data storage delivered as-a-service that allows customers to extract maximum value from their data while reducing complexity and expense.”

Pure as-a-Service is a true service offering. Customers agree that it improves how they manage budgets and consume storage. Many want a cloud-like model for operations and finance, even when using on-premises hardware.

“It’s always there and always works. As more things get added to our plate, IT needs more things that don’t require a lot of care and feeding. Pure just works and demands very little of our time. It’s really storage-as-a-service,” said David Coindreau, Manager of Server and Storage Services, Frost Bank.

Pure Storage, the only data storage vendor to offer all of its core products as a true utility today, delivers the Modern Data Experience — in a simple, seamless and sustainable manner with the following benefits: 

  • Pay-as-you-go billing, with no overprovisioning or additional assets on the books

  • The ability to spend from OPEX (operating expenditure) budgets

  • No more headaches on performance and capacity management and faster speed of deployment

  • Short contract terms, ideal for temporary as well as indefinite projects

  • Minimum commitment of 12 months instead of vendor lock-in

  • The ability to scale — up, out, and even down — as your needs continue to change, without additional CAPEX spend or staggered leases

  • Evergreen architecture allows hardware to be added or removed without disruption

  • Cloud integration supports using Pure as-a-Service capacity in locations that meet business needs