2016 Press Releases

April 15, 2016

Datera Emerges From Stealth & Launches Datera Elastic Data Fabric

Datera, a startup company is leaving stealth in the hope that introducing its new first ever product, Datera Elastic Data Fabric, would be able to capture the crowds attention. Datera Elastic Data Fabric is a scale-out storage software that turns standard, commodity hardware into a RESTful API-driven, policy-based storage fabric for large-scale clouds.

Datera’s concept developing this product is to bring the operational flexibility of hyperscale environments to enterprise and storage cloud providers. Datera has already been utilised for production by various large corporations and service providers globally and has just completed a funding that was approximately $40 million by several organisations such as Khosla Ventures, Silicon Valley Luminaries.

Pre-cloud storage administering methods are seen to not be able to cope to the degree required to manage modern DevOps environments. Therefore, to manage the responsiveness and agility demanded from today’s IT, Datera is introducing their Elastic Data fabric to make Infrastructure as Code a reality for DevOps environments. Datera concludes that their solution will give enterprises and service providers AWS-Like elastic block storage. Datera Elastic Data Fabric generally accommodate through iSCSI with OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware vSphere and container orchestration platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos.