2016 Press Releases

March 22, 2016

‘Big Community’ for Big Data Professionals & Companies

Editor note: We will be talking to Melina Hwang, the headhoncho of this project. Watch out for our interview tomorrow!

'Big Community', an online community portal supported by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) has finally launched last week. The purpose of this portal is to bring individuals and organisations together to learn more in the area of Big Data Analytics (BDA) and data-driven innovation. The portal provides a platform for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, discussion and networking opportunities. Any parties that are keen and involved in the Big Data Analytics area can access the portal at http://bigcommunity.net.

Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG), a South East Asia IT publisher is managing the one-stop online resource centre, the 'Big Community' portal. With MDeC's support in content development, anyone around the region that is interested will be able to check out updated related events, job opportunities as well as thought leadership and educational stories.

One of the main characteristics is the ‘Big Expert’ tab that provides users the opportunity to associate with leading Big Data Expert and data scientists including Jothi Periasamy, Chief Data Scientist at Experfy (Harvard Innovation Lab), Dr. Toa Charm, Managing Partner at Big Data Elite Asia Founder & Chairperson, Richard Stirling, International Director at Open Data Institute, Niall Wynne, Data Analytics Manager at Data Ireland and many others.

Ir. Dr. Karl Ng, Director, Innovation Capital, MDeC expressed his thoughts that one of his main objective is to gain consciousness on Big Data Analytics and strengthen adoption among businesses in the country. "Together with AOPG, we developed the ‘Big Community’ as a strategic, robust platform to provide local businesses access to ‘bigger’ and more global opportunities in data analytics."

“With more companies adopting this disruptive technology supported by a robust ecosystem, and made possible by the National BDA Initiative, we will be able to position Malaysia as the leading regional hub for BDA, and open doors to more investment opportunities,” said Karl.