Vision Of Uninterrupted Technology Key To Nomination

DSA was privileged to talk to semi-finalist of the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Award, Ziv Kedem, CEO of Zerto. EY, the organiser of the award, celebrating their 31st Anniversary, announced the selected semi-finalist from their panel of judges on the 1st of May. DSA took the window of opportunity given when we managed to get hold of Ziv for a few minutes.

While congratulating him on his nomination, we asked him what his thoughts were on the achievements that led to this nomination.

He believes that having a vision of building a world of uninterrupted technology and IT resiliency was a key element.

“If you’re talking about achievements, we looked at finding a solution to a problem and building from there.” He shared that the company has built a large base around the world that consists of 600 employees and over 5000 customers that work tirelessly to help people solve their resiliency issues. They service every vertical and industry, from small companies to Fortune 500 listed companies too.

“Things went well from the start and we were able to solve issues of business continuity and recovery. Becoming the market leader and having a solution for a real problem in business continuity was probably what led to the nomination,” he felt.

He shared that being able to help businesses affected by a calamity, either a natural catastrophe or even things not mentioned about in the news, to keep their operations running, is one of the nice parts of the business.

“Our ability to resume their operations, practically uninterrupted, is something that I love to see every time it happens. So for me, between the customer and the team, this is the most rewarding part of the business for me.”

Ziv believes that they are creating real value for the customer as and when they are needed for support. From their experience, the customer shares referrals to other customers and that also shows that the work Zerto is doing has a profound and positive effect in the market place.

“We have instances when someone who was our customer moves to another company, the first thing they do is they bring Zerto into that new company. Which means that this was really good for them. To see that Zerto does that for them, for me this is very rewarding. But it is not just that its rewarding for me, but that the technology actually works, which is what makes them happy to deal with us,” he explained.

However, when asked if his leadership was what brought the company to its pinnacle today, he had a slightly different opinion on its success.

“I would definitely not take credit for Zerto’s success. This is a team effort where we work as a team and we win as a team. Everyone in the team is contributing a lot.”

Taking a humbler approach, he fashions himself more as a conductor in an orchestra who assembles the instruments together. He helps build the right teams and get the right people, making sure it is orchestrated properly.

“Every one of the 600 people can take pride in Zerto’s success as I definitely can’t take all the credit. By myself I’ll definitely not be able to do anything there,” he professed. “I surround myself with amazing people and give them credit that they know what they are doing, and letting them do what they know how to do best. That leads to success.”

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