Reimagining the Cloud Journey with Cloud Kinetics

Founded in 2012, Cloud Kinetics offers a comprehensive portfolio of secure, robust, and compliant cloud products and services in Singapore, Thailand, India and the United States. It is a certified cloud partner of top premium public cloud providers, including Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

In an interview with DSA, Haji Munshi, Group CEO of Cloud Kinetics, shared the company’s business plans in helping organisations with their cloud infrastructure, its expanding footprint in Southeast Asia and India, and its competitive advantage in the market post-merger with InfoFabrica.

There is no denying that the pandemic has brought to the forefront the need for customers to accelerate their digital transformation. The shift in working from home sees many people being comfortable with the cloud and enterprises noticed it as an opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation.

Therefore, Haji said many enterprises now are experimenting with their digital transformation approach by going down the path of doing a full migration to the cloud.

“Industries like the financial sector, which historically has been hesitant about moving to the cloud, are now thinking about accelerating their cloud journey. We’ve seen a lot of our banking customers now make much more bold steps towards adopting the cloud. We’ve seen manufacturing companies moving their ERP systems to the cloud. We’ve seen media companies adopt more and more cloud to monetise their content. We’re seeing a substantial update in companies that are providing remote healthcare services,” explained Haji.

With many companies from different sectors shifting their attention towards the cloud, Cloud Kinetics are seeing an incredible amount of demand around their services and capabilities. But before migration takes place, companies need to know what the main challenges are.

In general, that would depend on the market you are in.

According to Haji, it is relatively easy for cloud-native or digital native companies to embrace the cloud and to be able to expand due to their understanding of the technology. On the other hand, traditional enterprises might find it difficult due to the number of legacies they have, such as legacy infrastructure and legacy investment.

A deep cloud assessment approach is needed to overcome it – which requires an understanding of:

  • What the current architecture looks like.

  • What the current IT infrastructure looks like.

  • What the future state should look like.

  • And, what the operating model should look like.

“Once we’ve done that, then we spend a lot of time with enterprises to be able to determine what is the right cloud model for them. Is it an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model? Is it a Platform-as-a-Service model? Is it a Software-as-a-Service model? And depending on what they select and the requirements of the customers, we also help them to evaluate and assess who would be the best cloud provider to be able to affect those capabilities that they’re looking to do,” said Haji.

Only then, can they start to execute a migration plan and help enterprises to adopt the cloud and enable their teams to be trained up and make the best use of the cloud that they’ve adopted.
Why the Merger Will Result in a Powerful Cloud Migration Solution

As an on-demand, self-service environment, the cloud is now vital to achieving end-to-end digital transformation. Now, more than ever, there is an increase in customer demands for cloud migration and managed services across the region.

Recently Cloud Kinetics was announced to have merged with InfoFabrica, a cloud migration service based in Singapore. Haji believes the combined businesses are poised to become one of the top 3 Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the Asia Pacific Region. Also, with a growing pool of over 300 professionals, he explained that the combined entity will be able to fulfil the rising demand for certified cloud experts in the region, making it one of the key players in the category.

Haji went on, “So when we brought these two companies together by having what we call born in the cloud capabilities with analytics, application modernisation, and combine that with hybrid cloud. Now, when we go to large and midsized enterprises, we have the full solution to cater for their unique needs.”

With a combination of Cloud Kinetics and InfoFabrica expertise, he said customers can now experience the ‘one-stop shop’ for managing hybrid and cloud workloads. Haji believes that's what separates Cloud Kinetics from the rest.

Due to the crisis that businesses had to go through during the pandemic, many organisations are going through the phase of migrating their important workloads to the cloud.

According to Haji, the cloud has emerged as a core foundation of this renewed tech focus, leading to the growth of businesses in the Asia Pacific region to invest in the technology. If anything, the pandemic has just created that impetus for people to make that move to the cloud.

“We believe that we’re a long term player in the cloud space. We want to make sure that we focus on building our own capabilities with more and more specialisations coming on board with the company,” said Haji. “And as we move forward, we feel our role in the IT industry becomes increasingly more and more important because as businesses focus more and more on their core business, they need to have trusted advisors, experts like us who really understand what’s the best way by which they can fully take advantage of cloud not only for IT but for all of their different business units.”

All in all, Haji is excited about the future and Cloud Kinetics is looking to continue to acquire more companies as they seek to add and augment more capabilities within the company in the region.

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