Tintri to help more organisations deploy and manage a private cloud, joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Tintri Inc, the producer of VM-aware storage (VAS) for virtualisation and cloud environments, has announced that the company has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance (ECA).

This collaboration reinforces Tintri’s commitment to deliver solutions integrated with Microsoft products to help customers streamline and automate access to their cloud-based environments. 

This comes on the heels of Tintri’s certification for Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track, and the first Gold level data centre competency among next generation storage companies.

Tintri now offers native SMB 3.0 implementation and integration with Microsoft SCVMM and Hyper-V Manager — allowing Hyper-V customers’ greater visibility and control of their virtualised environments.

The number of Hyper-V virtual machines stored on Tintri VMstores globally has increased 5x in the past 12 months, with customers that span financial services, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, government and more. These organisations are building their private clouds faster, at lower cost and with less ongoing operating effort.

“The Tintri environment is remarkably simple,” said Tim Starkenburg, Systems Administrator at Life-Science Innovations.

“I was able to set up the system and link it to our servers within half an hour without using consultants! And when we got our second Tintri, it only took 15 minutes to set it up. It actually took longer to rack the unit than to get it hooked up to Hyper-V.”

“Tintri VM-aware storage helps customers generate the most value from their Hyper-V virtualised environments. We’re excited about our collaboration with Tintri,” said Allison Jones, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft.

“The company continues to bring new storage innovations to market that make it easier for our customers to build, deploy and manage their private clouds.”

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