Red Hat Awards Industry Partners in APAC for Its Collaborative Growth

“Our growth is dependent on our partners but also those partners’ growth is dependent on Red Hat. So, it’s a very synergistic relationship - the more we grow, the more we support our partners. The more Red Hat grows, the more the partners grow”, stated Andrew Habgood, Senior Director And Head of Partner & Alliances, Red Hat Asia Pacific, in a virtual media briefing last week.

During the briefing, Habgood mentioned that Red Hat currently has over 3,900 industry partners globally, with over 70% of the partner ecosystem located within the Asia Pacific. These partners, who use Red Hat products and technologies for various purposes, come in all shapes and sizes, consisting of (but not limited to):

  • Certified cloud and service providers

  • IT solutions providers

  • Internet of Things partners

  • Embedded systems partners

  • Independent hardware and software vendors

  • Original equipment manufacturers

  • Global system integrators

“What we want to make sure we do, is that across all of our partner programs, we have a consistent, easy-to-access supportive program to help these partners. Red Hat has to try to make sure that all these partner types get the growth support that they need”, added Habgood.

He then spoke about how, together with Red Hat, these partners are continuously evolving – combining, changing and innovating their offerings and services in the partnership ecosystem. “You were an OEM, now you are a systems integrator. You were a reseller, but now more and more we are seeing combinations of partners, who were reselling hardware on-premises, now delivering managed cloud services”.


This innovation, according to Habgood, is essential for companies that wish to drive digital transformation even further, especially today. Habgood believes that technology modernisation goes hand in hand with cultural change and as such, cultural change is actually starting to increase its importance within organisations.

Red Hat initiatives advocate foundational principles, transparency, openness and neutrality, with culture viewed as a critical component to digital transformation. “Now, there’s a lot of challenges to adopting digital transformation, particularly at the moment”, said Habgood before citing some of the top barriers for digital transformation, including the need for greater automation, the complexity of DevOps implementation and challenges in becoming adaptable enough to disrupt the marketplace.

Towards the end of the briefing, Habgood introduced Francis Choo, VP & Chief Executive, ASEAN & HK of Ingram Micro, who was awarded by Red Hat as its Top Distribution Partner. Red Hat’s Asia Pacific Partner Awards 2020 recognises commercial and public sector partners for their continued efforts to develop innovative solutions using Red Hat technologies to meet customers’ needs and improve business outcomes.

Among the other winners were Microsoft Asia Pacific for Top Cloud Partner, Intel Corporation for Top Strategic Alliance Partner and Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Top Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner.

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