Pure Excellence: The Secret to Pure Storage’s Success

Things have been going really well for Pure Storage especially in the past year. We were particularly impressed by their Q3 financial results, and more recently, besides their firm presence in the Gartner leadership quadrant, Pure was named by a leader in the IDC MarketScape for all-flash arrays. So it’s safe to say that Pure’s startup days are behind them. Now they’re a force to be reckoned with in the all-flash storage space. We had a chat with the ASEAN Regional Director of Pure Storage, Chua Hock Leng, to get his take on what it is about Pure that sets them apart from the competition.

“If you look at how Pure was founded in the first place, 7 to 8 years ago, one area that we were actually targeting was how do we revolutionize the whole storage industry – to modernize storage and reinvent the experience that customers have with storage. So our success is always built around this vision. If you look at our innovation on the technology, business model, as well as the support front, you can see a vast difference from us against our competitors,” Chua explained. He went on to reiterate that Pure is a company that’s built on innovation, and they’re on a mission to provide storage that’s effortless, i.e. easy to manage, easy to administer, and efficient.

Their modular and software-defined approach to storage, embodied through their Evergreen Storage subscriptions, for example, have been quite a hit with Pure’s customers and difficult to replicate by competitors without the technology to back it up. Chua elaborated, “We want our customers to continue using their storage without having to do a forklift upgrade and upgrade their storage without downtime. We allow our customers to perform upgrades as and when they want to, as and when their applications require. We also allow our customers to do capacity consolidation when we have better SSDs. From a customer support standpoint, we provide proactive predictive analysis of their storage. These are a few examples of our very different business models that a lot of our competitors don’t have. We are software-defined, and we accelerate through our hardware that’s customised by us.”

According to Chua, even though Pure is now in the mainstream, the culture of innovation forged during their startup days will remain intact and they have no intention of sitting on their laurels. They are actively looking into being in the thick of recent technology trends that are driving digital transformation for companies in the region, which Chua mentioned includes IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics. Chua also stated that the hype surrounding public clouds has begun to wane, with a large percentage of customers preferring a hybrid cloud environment that provides them with greater control and security.

For 2018 and beyond, Pure’s mission will be to embark on these trends and provide a future-proof data platform for next generation applications. Chua shared with us some of Pure Storage’s top priorities moving forward, which include growing their portfolio of cloud customers, expanding their footprint among enterprise organisations as well as government agencies, keeping their customers pleased while continuing to innovate. “Our business model has always been customer-focused. We want our customers to be satisfied and happy from the front end, presales all the way to post sales. The other priority is for us to maintain operational excellence in every part of the organisation and to innovate, whether in terms of technology or even business model. So these are the top priorities in making sure that as a company, we will continue to set ourselves apart from our competitors.”

These certainly aren’t empty words as Pure has proven from their tremendous growth in a relatively short amount of time and becoming of the leaders in an increasingly competitive all-flash space to stand on par with (or perhaps ahead of, according to IDC and Gartner) traditional storage giants. Their growing reputation and almost obsessive pursuit of innovation and excellence has meant that customers are seriously evaluating Pure Storage and most importantly, stay doing business with them.

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