Perfecting Applications on the Cloud

The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns saw businesses everywhere shifting priorities at such a fast and unprecedented rate, in the race for survival. In some countries there has been some relaxing of the restrictions, opening up their economies, with the focus now shifting to recovery. Amid all the ensuing conversations on opportunities and charting a new era of sustained growth, technology remains the common factor that all can agree will remain - if not more - critical to every business in the post-pandemic era.

As such, the most important enabler today is the cloud. Businesses today rely on the cloud on multiple aspects but the most important aspect is on the application front. In today’s digital world, applications have become critical to every business. As businesses of all sizes continue to expand, many of them have more than 20% of their applications running in the cloud.

At the same time, 43% of organisations say they want to release new app changes weekly or even more frequently. Concurrently, IT teams are tasked to manage hundreds of applications across multiple cloud environments, keep them safe from cyber attacks, restore any disruption in service as fast as possible – and do it all while balancing performance and cost.

To help businesses with this, Cisco recently announced several new innovations to help businesses execute their hybrid cloud strategies. This includes new offers and capabilities that will span key customer priority areas including observability and insights, operations, and connectivity. We explain more about these new offers here.

In a media briefing, Vish Iyer, Vice President Architectures for Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China at Cisco pointed out how businesses in Asia, especially in the ASEAN region are growing as fast as the rest of the world or even faster in some industries compared to others.

“In ASEAN, there is a lot of innovation despite the constraints faced in different areas and industries. We are seeing different pockets of industries and countries today. There are some places where we are world-class in technology but that are also some places where we need to disrupt the legacy,” said Vish.

Vish also explained that ASEAN may have a young population, but they are growing and embracing the cloud in the fastest possible way. In fact, he pointed out how cloud certifications are the highest in ASEAN nations compared to any other region. Businesses here are using technology as an enabler and also a differentiator.

“This region also has the most app developers in the world. This is because there is a strong focus on education and STEM capabilities in the region,” said Vish.

In countries like Indonesia, the growth of cloud adoption is moving so fast that the demand for newer technologies, better solutions as well as more services are also increasing. This is why Vish pointed out that the partners play an important role in ensuring businesses in the region are also able to reach their full potential.

And Cisco is making this possible by providing a hybrid cloud platform that provides the automation, observability and cloud-native capabilities necessary to keep business, technology and teams connected and moving as fast as the market demands. 

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