Oracle Attempts to Stop the Divide Between Marketers and Sellers

Globally, B2B businesses are currently struggling with the disparate nature of their marketing and sales teams due to the disconnect in the siloed legacy systems employed by their organisations. While Sales Force Automation (SFA) has become focused on administration, organisations find it harder to see the actual sales outcomes that CRMs provide. They do nothing to personalise marketing campaigns or determine potential deals; instead, they simply store customer information and generate predictive revenues. In addition to that, the low-quality leads received by the sales team due to inexperienced talent in charge of lead qualifications make it harder for businesses to grasp deal opportunities.

It is time to stop seeing the divide between marketers and sellers and instead find a remedy to help both sides work together so as not to allow potential deals to slip through the cracks. To address these business frustrations, Oracle has recently released 'Oracle Fusion Marketing.' A solution that provides "engineered experiences," through marketing automation. On the heels of their launch, Oracle hosted a live chat session with Steve Earl, Vice President of Product Marketing at Oracle and Lisa Collins, APAC Director of CX Strategy at Oracle.

The media session included an informative brief regarding Oracle’s brand-new offering and how it can help businesses today utilise data to simplify campaigns, manage message consistency across marketing channels, accelerate sales cycles and increase the quality of leads delivered to your sales teams.

Since regions of the world operate differently, the tribulations they face also vary. Taking this into account, Lisa detailed the current challenges faced by businesses in the APAC region with regards to the heterogeneity of market demand, the lack of view caused by indirect organisations representing sales and the multiplying of preferred customer channels. All of which require the personalisation of marketing tactics and campaign approaches.

In today's world, the typical marketing cycle process, as described by Steve, consists of the marketing and advertising team handling the first two steps of audience identification and campaign creation, then passed over to the sales team with lead qualification and opportunity generation. These handoffs can be accompanied by pesky minor errors and mistakes that can cost businesses deals and revenue growth. Through automated marketing, businesses can increase the efficacy of their marketing and sales teams individually and all together at once.

To emphasise his point, Steve proposed a best practice business flow where both marketers and sellers can work in a streamlined manner offered by Oracle Fusion Marketing. One that transforms the original steps into audience segmentation, cross-channel campaign activation, automated lead qualification, and intelligent opportunity generation. With this solution, businesses no longer need to worry about manually connecting the pieces of their siloed systems. Oracle Fusion Marketing acts as an "overarching product that leverages your CDP," stated Steven.

Oracle Fusion Marketing takes marketers through the steps of the campaign creation and curation process using seven simple steps.

  1. Product selection – Marketers can select the product that they wish to be the focus of the campaign.

  2. Audience identification – Marketers then select their desired audience based on the specifications of the product specifications and target market.

  3. Customer stories – Oracle Fusion Marketing suggests relevant customer stories that can be included in your email or landing page based on the product and industry of the selected audience.

  4. Email – Oracle Fusion Marketing provides a platform to include all your personalised assets with previews.

  5. Landing page – Like the email preview, Oracle Fusion Marketing provides a single platform where marketers can insert the necessary assets with personalised previews.

  6. Targeted advertising – Marketers can specify the assets wanted for targeted advertising on all advertising channels.

  7. Summary – Easily set start and end dates for your campaign, launching with the click of a button.

After launching your campaign, Oracle Fusion Marketing will monitor your results and present them in a single, easy-to-interpret dashboard. Using AI, the system will generate and qualify leads automatically to be delivered to the CRM system of your choice. As an end-to-end marketing solution, Oracle’s new product is on track to transform the way businesses approach marketing.

Oracle has had years of experience catering to customers such as Aon, Broadcom, and Bank of Guam. To learn more about how Oracle has digitally empowered their customers, click here. If you're interested in Oracle Fusion Marketing, you can head to their website and read their press release.

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