Oracle’s Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer – Providing Cloud Services On-Premises

Business practices around the world have changed depending on which country you are in. In order to deal with this, companies are looking for bold measures to manage their data, workloads and other challenges they are facing. Oracle addresses the needs of organisations in these challenging times.

In a media briefing with Asia Pacific journalists, Cherian Varghese, Regional Managing Director of ASEAN & SAGE, Oracle explained that businesses face three main challenges:

  • Compliance

  • Governance

  • Auditing

To better deal with these, businesses want a solution they know they can manage fully on-premises.
Driven by strong customer demand, Oracle announced the Oracle's Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, the industry’s first fully managed cloud region that brings all of Oracle’s second-generation cloud services, including Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud applications, to customer data centres. Simply put, it brings all the capabilities of an Oracle Public cloud region available on-premises.

With this offering, enterprises get the complete set of modern cloud services, APIs, industry-leading SLAs, superior price-performance, and highest levels of security available from Oracle’s public cloud regions in their own data centres. This is ideal for highly regulated or security-focused businesses needing to meet demanding latency and data residency requirements, reduce operational costs, and modernise legacy applications.  
Sounds similar to a solution by a three letter organisation, right? They almost are but here’s where Oracle Dedicated Region stands out. Cherian pointed out that on-premises offerings from other cloud providers offer a very small subset of the services available in their public cloud regions.  In fact, Oracle is making more than 50 of its cloud services available on-premises for enterprises to use.
Oracle Dedicated Region includes full management capabilities and access to new features and functions the moment they become available in Oracle’s public cloud. It provides strong isolation of customer data, including all API operations, which remain local to customer datacenters, providing the highest levels of security.  
Additionally, Oracle Dedicated Region is certified to seamlessly run Oracle Cloud applications, including Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications (Cloud ERP, Cloud HCM, Cloud SCM, and Cloud CX, making it a completely integrated cloud experience on-premises.  Customers only pay for services they consume using the same predictable low pricing offered in Oracle’s public cloud regions.
Cherian said, “This is ideal for highly regulated or security-focused businesses needing to meet demanding latency and data residency requirements, reduce operational costs, and modernise legacy applications”.
There seems to be an increasing number of customers demanding these services. More companies are realising the complexity and sensitivity of the data they have. Here at DSA, we feel that while companies like Oracle continue to deliver such technologies for their customers, we can’t help but think if other vendors are also looking at developing similar solutions for their customers.
Cherian explains, “The fundamental difference between us and our competition is that Oracle Dedicated Region is not just one box. It’s multicloud customer and boxes. The architectural design is so important in the cloud and customer success because cloud and customers don’t only secure data. They need to secure all seven tiers of disaster recovery. Who better to do it because the entire box is coming from Oracle? The boxes, machines, architecture and software is Oracle’s. Our competitors are looking to manage other boxes and not their own. It just random boxes tested for their software”.
As Cherian puts it, “The most important differentiator between us and our competitor is the number of services. Our competitor is offering between 7 to 10 services. We are offering 50 services. Simply because they do not have a footprint on SaaS. We just launched our Oracle Dedicated Region. Our competitors will take some time to learn and pick it up from there”.

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