NVIDIA Expands Early Access Program for VMware’s Project Monterey to Modernise Enterprise Data Centres

NVIDIA recently announced that it is expanding its collaboration with Lenovo to include participation in NVIDIA's early access program in support of Project Monterey, which is intended to modernise enterprise data centres by leveraging the security and performance of NVIDIA BlueField data processing units (DPUs).

Project Monterey, announced at VMworld 2020 by VMware, NVIDIA, and ecosystem partners, aims to improve the performance, manageability, and security of enterprise data centres by utilising cutting-edge networking technologies such as NVIDIA BlueField DPUs. BlueField DPUs enable application delivery at any scale by offloading, accelerating, and isolating workloads in the data centre. They're made for AI and accelerated computing.

NVIDIA, Lenovo, and VMware are collaborating to evolve data centre, cloud, and edge architecture to be software-defined and hardware-accelerated for tackling modern workloads like AI and machine learning. The early access program enables businesses to gain access to VMware-enabled preconfigured clusters accelerated by BlueField-powered servers, such as Lenovo ThinkAgile VX and ThinkSystem Ready-Nodes.

This announcement was made in response to customer interest in how VMware and NVIDIA are bringing the "next wave of computing." And because there have been a lot of customer requests to expand their use of Project Monterey in early access, NVIDIA has made it happen during this announcement to extend it with their partner Lenovo.

Justin Boitano, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise and Edge Computing at NVIDIA, talked about how AI is transforming data centres, driving demand or new workloads and architectures. “Lenovo’s collaboration in our Project Monterey early access program is a key step in allowing enterprises to embrace AI’s transformational benefits while tackling security and performance challenges,” he said.

In addition, because the program is hosted at NVIDIA's facility, it is available immediately. Customers who sign up for the Early Access Program and want to use Lenovo's systems will be able to do so remotely, thanks to NVIDIA.

According to Kamran Amini, Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo ISG's Server, Storage, and Software Defined Solutions, Lenovo and NVIDIA's collaboration on the Project Monterey early access program enables a fundamental solution shift toward advanced, DPU-powered data centre architecture. “NVIDIA BlueField DPUs provide performance and security that enhance the modern software-defined and hardware-accelerated data centre,” he added.

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