Big turnup at Cloud and Data Centre Convention

More than 1200 delegates attended the Malaysian Cloud and Data Centres convention at the Vertical, Bangsar South. Organised by W.Media, the event is Malaysia’s first all-inclusive cloud and data centre event.
The cloud and data centre event offered a unique platform for industry leaders to share their invaluable insights, industry-leading products and services and the latest technology needs. In his keynote address, Wan Murdani Mohamad, Director of Enabling Ecosystem Division, MDEC, said that Malaysia continues to spend on the digital economy and the results have been promising.

“Currently, 18% of the national GDP is contributed by the digital economy. We foresee this reaching 20% by the year 2020. When we consider cloud services, we expect that RM1.27 billion will be spent on public cloud by 2020 as well. Meanwhile, Malaysia is the second largest cybersecurity user in Southeast Asia.”
The convention saw some 35 experts in the digital industry share their views in various panel sessions held at the event as well. Panellist included speakers from both the government agencies and the private sector.
The topics covered all angles of the digital economy from data centre selections to cloud infrastructures.  Among the issues discussed were making Malaysia the ideal data centre location, cloud movement in Malaysia, and transformation from traditional IT infrastructure to Hybrid Cloud and others.
The convention also saw a panel discussion on women in technology. Moderated by Asia Online Publishing Group’s Melina Hwang, the panel made up of Dr.Jasmine Begum from Microsoft Malaysia, Wong Siew Hui of Maybank Investment Bank Berhad, Lim Hsin Yin of Dell EMC, Adelyn Ong of China Mobile and MDEC’s Siti Norliza Mohd Sahar discuss on how they thrive in digital transformations, balancing priorities and benefits of diversity.

In the expo hall, the technology bench saw various key players in the industry showcase their products as well. Among those present were Bridge Data Centres, Ideal Systems Singapore, Johor Corporation, Nutanix and others. There were also presentations and demos at the expo hall. 
Data Centre and cloud are becoming ever more intertwined. This event showed how the companies that provide the building blocks for data centres are building alliances with a new wave of born in the cloud companies. For those in attendance, it was a  great and hands-on view of how the data centre and cloud world in Malaysia is evolving.

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