Barracuda to simply security for SMBs

Barracuda Networks says that its new Total Threat Protection Initiatives will help simplify information security for resource constrained organisations such as SMBs. It combines the value of best-of-breed products with common management to help ensure protection and alleviate the administrative burden.
According to Thiban Darmalingam, regional manager for Barracuda in Malaysia, a shortage of IT skills continue to persist in the country with “the lack of information security expertise appears at the top of the list on an annual basis.”
A recent study by Enterprise Strategy Group found that 25 percent of firms surveyed reported that while information security remains a top priority, it also is the number one gap to fill.
To help customers protect against web application attacks, Barracuda continues to enhance the security capabilities of the Barracuda Web Application Firewall. Security highlights of its latest version include:
URL Encryption: Encrypts every URL within the response body before sending to clients, never exposing those URLs externally, and provides a strong mechanism for forceful browsing prevention. By encrypting URLs, organisations can prevent forceful browsing attacks and prevent attackers from understanding the structure of their web applications.
SSL Enhancements: Supports Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) associated ciphers. Through PFS, organisations can improve the integrity of their encrypted communications – even past communications in the event keys are ever compromised.
Improved User Access Control: Allows for user authentication across multiple domains and dual authentication against LDAP and RSA SecurID / Radius with OTP. Through multi-factor authentication methods, organisations can better secure access control and authorisations into all or portions of their web applications, depending on risk.
In addition, as organisations continue to deploy protection, the latest Barracuda Web Application Firewall version also includes enhancements to its administrative interface:
New Templates Module: Includes a new, powerful wizard-based UI for creating and using configuration templates for virtually any object or policy in the system.
Robust Reporting: Offers more than 40 ready-to-use reports, including geographical breakdown, and allows administrators to filter reports by security and traffic events, or by timeframe, services, and Top Count.

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