Top Data Challenges Facing Modern Businesses and How to Conquer Them

Data is becoming a critical component for success for businesses that are embarking on a digital transformation journey. This is because data forms the basis of what drives every transforming business forward – from understanding customers better, to driving more efficient business processes for maximum profitability.

Hence, it goes without saying that protecting this highly valuable data – ensuring that it is available, agile and connected – is of great importance for modern businesses. They also have to ensure that the applications and systems that are powered by this data are available and secure.

Leading data protection companies such as Veeam are continually enhancing their offerings to keep pace with how data is evolving and help businesses extensively in protecting their data. With the latest release of the Veeam Availability Suite v10, modern organisations can now overcome some of the most common IT-related challenges that could hinder the progress of their transformation, which include:

Journey to cloud
Multi-cloud is now the preferred deployment strategy for most businesses. The problem is that data is now dispersed across a more complex landscape that includes on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. The challenge comes in the form of protecting data regardless of location or storage type so that backup and recovery could be performed seamlessly, and the managing of the data lifecycle across the disparate environments and multi-cloud scenarios.

Security and compliance
No matter what the IT scenario, in today’s digital age, security and compliance considerations are sure to follow, closely. Not only do businesses have to ensure the availability of their systems and prevent data loss, but also maintain a high level of data security by keeping out the constant barrage of malware and ransomware attempts by malicious actors. As such, backups have to be secure and recoverable, and businesses have to maintain regulatory compliance for audit protection.

Meeting modern backup and recovery objectives
The role of backups has become even more important than ever before. Modernised backup solutions have to be able to perform at scale and possess the reliability to meet RTOs for any data, application and location. Most importantly, the backup data must be validated and recoverable, with air-gapped redundancy strategies for that added level of protection.

Ecosystem and application integrations
Modern IT is moving towards synergistic “ecosystems”. Systems or solutions that work in their own separate silos tend to be ineffective when it comes to the bigger IT picture and add a higher degree of complexity in terms of management. They also can’t provide the flexibility required for seamless future growth.  Therefore, when it comes to protecting and managing data, businesses should always look to a platform that can enable third-party integration for storage with advanced and flexible API access, as well as compatibility with tomorrow’s Hyperconverged and Cloud-Native architectures.

Disaster recovery
Disaster recovery (DR) is no longer an option. It is a necessity as companies are expected to recover quickly in the case of outages or disruptions that may inevitably come. The good news is that technology has made DR simpler, more accessible and affordable, especially with the advent of the cloud. Businesses must implement and orchestrate a sound DR strategy, especially for critical apps and test their different DR scenarios.

These may seem like a lot for IT teams to handle, and that’s definitely the case if they don’t have the right solutions to back them up. Nevertheless, while you might assume that addressing these issues would require several different point solutions, Veeam has been continuously improving its intelligent data management and availability offering to cater to the growing needs of modern and data-intensive IT environments in one comprehensive software suite.

Now, Veeam has released the tenth iteration of its highly successful availability suite. The new Veeam Availability Suite v10 looks set to usher in a new generation of data protection capabilities that increase data availability, portability, and extensibility – power-packed with more than 150 enhancements.

The enhancements in v10 include modern file data protection for NAS, greatly enhanced ransomware protection, expanded instant recovery options, greater platform extensibility, data mining through APIs – to provide a one-stop solution that provides complete data management and protection for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

For further information on these enhancements and how Veeam Availability Suite v10 can provide you with the capability to conquer the most pressing IT and data-related challenges, click here.

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