Leave the Traditional at the Door and Enter the World of Next-Generation Data Management

Let’s face it, lately, the message of digital transformation has been pushed at you from various directions and at different angles. The question now is, why are you still struggling to hang on to outdated legacy data management solutions that bring you nothing but headaches?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that to survive; businesses must be equipped with the best tools that allow them the flexibility to scale and adapt to different circumstances. Legacy tools, while valuable and innovative in the past, have lost their touch. The realm of data management has lain stagnant for a long while without significant developmental changes, and it has created problems that have arisen with the further development of technology.

Answer me this, if you had the option to rent a room where different people owned the kitchen and bathroom, and you had to pay different prices, would you do it? No, right? Suppose you think that the idea is preposterous. Why do you depend on data management solutions that provide the bare minimum and force you to rely on different vendors for different services?

At this point, legacy data management solutions don’t need improvement. They require total reinvention. If you're tired of hearing me drone on and on about how legacy management solutions are bad without knowing why I've outlined some of the arguments below:

  • Closed
    When we talk about legacy solutions, the topic of silos always arises. Many solutions created in the past have the problem of being created with a single siloed function in mind. Meaning your backup service is simply a backup service that cannot integrate with modern tools and external applications. This dramatically reduces the business value of those solutions and increases the number of tools and vendors you would have to subscribe to.

  • Complex and Expensive
    Relating to siloed function solutions, the task of managing various products from different vendors probably has your IT team in a tailspin. As if their jobs aren't complicated enough, they must balance multiple systems while ensuring your operations run smoothly. With the number of products you employ increasing, so will your TCO in an unjustified amount.

  • Risky
    The advancement of technologies has not only evolved businesses but has also evolved how criminals operate. Older generation tools were not created with data protection in mind because who would have thought cybercriminals would find this many tactics to access your data. With the sophistication of cyber attacks nowadays, it’s a wonder how organisations are faring with the cyber attacks on systems not made to protect against these threats.

  • Unintelligent
    The 4th Industrial Revolution is all about interconnectivity. Traditional solutions were not made to handle such modern demands and instead left IT teams to address all areas of operations without any assistance. All the data that organisations have collected can't even be leveraged for insights, nor can it warn of arising issues that must be addressed within the system.

With the increasingly complex demands that businesses face, the need to utilise Artificial Intelligence and migrate to the cloud is more apparent than ever. Traditional data management solutions aren’t doing any good to anyone as modern problems require modern solutions.

Never fear, Cohesity is here! Like I’ve said before, legacy data management solutions require a complete overhaul to be helpful to businesses in this age of data supremacy. Cohesity has put a lot of thought into the subject and created its four pillars of next-gen data management: Simplicity at scale, zero-trust security, powered by AI and third-party extensibility.

The first pillar, simplicity at scale, implies a solution that dramatically reduces the TCO and complexity of an organisation's data management solution. With a single pane of glass view offered by Cohesity Next-Gen Data Management, businesses have excellent visibility, making managing their data simpler. The hyper-converged platform drastically reduces complexity with the ability to power multiple data management functions and bring applications straight to your data without tedious processes through Cohesity Helios. With the extreme unpredictability of today's world, Cohesity Helios offers you seamless scalability at affordable costs.

Oh no, there's been another cybercrime! Zero-Trust security is necessary with any solution within the digital ecosystem as the number of cyber attacks has been on a steady incline. As data has become such a commodity, businesses must choose solutions that prioritise the safety of their data with providers that supply excellent security architecture. The Cohesity Helios Platform has a built-in Comprehensive Anti-Ransomware Solution that can protect, detect, isolate, and rapidly recover your data in the event of an attack. Beyond zero-trust, Cohesity offers comprehensive granular security capabilities.

With significant developments in machine-learning, organisations can benefit from solutions powered by AI as they help you make the best decisions for your organisation's future. Cohesity's solution integrates AI in both security and insight generation with their AI-based ransomware and threat detection. Now I know what you're thinking, AI isn't some fad and trend useless to your long-term goals; instead, you can actually reduce costs and improve your overall performance by leveraging AI-powered recommendations.

We have finally reached the fourth pillar of next-generation data management, third-party extensibility. We’ve talked about it before, the future holds no certainties, so the solutions your business invest in must be able to adapt and evolve to your business needs. With the Cohesity Helios Platform, you can extend the value of your data with third-party applications from the Cohesity Marketplace.

Hold your horses! We’re not done yet. Cohesity provides you with the platform and puts the control in your hands to run your own data management system or allow the professionals at Cohesity to do it for you. One platform to rule them all! Cohesity's radical solution to simplify next-generation data management supports you throughout your entire data lifecycle.

If you want to know how to realise the full potential of a data management solution, you can check Cohesity out here.

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