Accelerating Data Centre Modernisation With VMware

The data centre isn’t dead. Not by a long shot.

The reality is that while many businesses are leveraging the cloud more and more, a handful still needs the data centre as part of a hybrid setup that gives the organisations more control of their apps and workload—and an easier path towards staying compliant with data regulations.

The key here now is to make sure that the data centre can handle the requirements of a hybrid cloud to have a workable path towards a virtualised and software-defined infrastructure. This is why organisations need to modernise their data centre—something VMware can help with as it can help bring together infrastructure silos that are otherwise isolated and hard to manage.

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With VMware data centre modernisation, organisations stand to get the following benefits:

  • Reduced silos. With tools such as VMware vSphere, vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud Foundation, organisations can continue using their existing investments for new cloud environments while eliminating the need for multiple isolated silos. This would be especially beneficial for organisations with complex IT infrastructures and diverse applications that require seamless integration and resource optimisation.

  • Apps that run consistently. VMware lets organisations run both traditional and cloud-native applications on infrastructure that delivers a consistent operating model, thus allowing businesses to go on with minimal downtime or disruption.

  • Utilisation of existing investments. With VMware, organisations can effectively reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of rip-and-replace since the same management tools and consistent operating model can be leveraged throughout the modernisation phase.

  • Efficient operations. VMware enables automated performance management, optimised capacity utilisation, proactive planning and reduced mean time to resolution, thereby lowering total costs of operations considerably.

  • Cloud support. VMware modernises the data centre for future evolution with a consistent software stack on-prem that can expand into the public cloud and edge. This prepares organisations for hybrid cloud setups.

  • Market-leading solution. VMware is a best-in-class software-defined infrastructure stack with integrated management from a market leader in every component of the stack.

VMware-aided data centre modernisation, in turn, brings cloud-like capabilities back to the on-premises environment and gives the organisation these benefits:

  • Reduced complexity. The modern data centre enables computing, storage and network resources to work seamlessly not only within the core data centre itself but also in the public cloud and even at the edge.

  • Controlled costs. With the same management tools used across the entire infrastructure and operational model mostly unchanged, the organisation is able to save costs. It also avoids the need to rip and replace infrastructure elements as the business’ needs evolve.

  • Increased agility. With a modern data centre, organisations will be able to meet the growing demand for new containerised apps, as well as emerging cloud capabilities. In turn, these enable faster business service delivery.

  • Being cloud-ready. One of the ultimate goals of modernising the data centre is to prepare it for the cloud. VMware helps in that regard by giving the organisation flexibility to match cloud service delivery and consumption demands based on its needs and emerging innovations. Having a modern data centre also means that the organisation can adopt seamlessly their cloud environment of choice when the time comes.

So, no, the data centre isn’t dead yet. But it needs to be transformed if it is to keep up with the rapidly changing times. In short, it must be modernised—soon.

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