2018 Press Releases

March 29, 2018

Western Digital Provides Cost-effective, Hybrid-cloud Backup and Recovery Solution With StorReduce Software for Enterprises

Creating environments for data to thrive, Western Digital® Corporation announced that it is relieving big data pressures on IT managers by offering enterprises a cost-effective and scalable backup and recovery solution for on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. Two powerful technologies, ActiveScaleÔ object storage system and StorReduce de-duplication software , provide petabyte-scale storage that protects data efficiently, and facilitates a data forever architecture, saving companies up to 70% compared to traditional backup appliances.

With this modern approach, protected data is stored in an open format so customers can analyse and extract hidden value from the data to help transform businesses or achieve new breakthroughs faster. There's no doubt that data is growing rapidly. This is putting multiple pressures on IT managers to optimize budgets and resources, reduce backup and restore times, design for regulatory and security mandates, and more efficiently balance workloads and applications on-premises and in the cloud.

Today, traditional backup methods such as expensive backup appliances, or magnetic tape for long-term retention, are rendering themselves ineffective due to the volume, velocity and variety of data. Gartner estimates that "By 2021, 50% of organizations will augment or replace their current backup application with another solution, compared to what they deployed at the beginning of 2017." Adding to such a situation is the need to create a scalable long-term strategy that protects data that's captured, preserved, accessed and transformed for delivering greater insights and intelligence through data analytics and machine learning.

"Together, Western Digital and StorReduce address many challenges IT managers face in protecting their valuable data," said Phil Bullinger, General Manager, Data Center Systems Business Unit, Western Digital. "Western Digital has the breadth and depth of products, systems and solutions, leveraging vertical innovation and integration, and industry experience to help solve tomorrow's challenges today. By working with StorReduce, we are enabling organizations to consolidate backup appliances, tape and other unstructured data silos into a single, easy-to-manage private or hybrid cloud solution."

The ActiveScale object storage system bundled with StorReduce's scale-out de-duplication software enables on-premises or hybrid cloud-based storage for primary and secondary backups, with throughputs and recovery speeds faster than legacy backup appliances. The modular ActiveScale system starts at 480TB usable and can help enable data forever architecture, allowing for non-disruptive upgrades, and seamless data durability across multiple hardware generations. As the system grows and changes, the ActiveScale and StorReduce solution can grow and change to meet those needs without sacrificing performance, data durability or TCO.

"We are excited to partner with Western Digital to offer our customers a combined solution designed with the ability to maximize storage efficiency for hybrid and private cloud environments," said Vanessa Wilson, CEO, StorReduce. "In today's ever-changing IT landscape, we are now able to provide customers with a seamless solution built for the cloud to protect increasing amounts of data easily and cost effectively, while also giving customers the ability to leverage data for analytics, search, machine learning and more."