2016 Press Releases

March 22, 2016

ViFX injects simplicity and reliability into data management with Commvault

Commvault announced yesterday that ViFX, New Zealand technology consultancy, has chosen Commvault as its single data management solution to protect and manage the company’s strategic information assets.

ViFX has recently seen a significant growth in its customer base and the company sees a need to rein in costs and complexity in storage and management of its information, including better optimisation of IT resources to manage the primarily virtualised environment.
With Commvault’s de-duplication capabilities, ViFX has been able to reduce data under protection by 83%, resulting in substantial savings in storage-related costs, network efficiencies and significantly reducing their reliance on tape. ViFX has also been able to increase the number of backups stored locally on disk, improving their available retention from 5 to 28 days. Restores can now be serviced immediately, while eliminating the previously lengthy tape recall process.

“As the single solution that underpins our data management, Commvault has enabled us to simplify our business, reduce operational burden and instill greater confidence that our strategic information is protected and available,” said Derek Leitch, Director and Co-Founder of ViFX. “Commvault is the recognised leader in data protection and disaster recovery and as a partner and customer of Commvault, we are proud to be able to practice what we preach. By living and breathing Commvault internally at our organisation, we are well positioned to show our customers how we can help them simplify their systems, reduce storage costs and drive resource efficiencies with Commvault.”

Commvault has also helped ViFX reduce the daily write outs to tape, which are now only 5% of the previous writes. Commvault’s incremental snapshot replication reduces wear and tear of the tape assets, and ensures backups can be transported offsite on the same day.