2017 Press Releases

July 13, 2017

Vexata Supercharges Memory Class Storage Arrays with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

Vexata, the master in real-time enterprise storage solutions announced today its latest Vexata VX-100 product family will integrate the newest Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The objective is to provide better throughput, IOPS and latency performance than Vexata's second generation arrays which were established on the previous generation of Intel Xeon processors. 

Crosswise the enterprise storage usages, the Intel Xeon Scalable processors allow up to 28 cores while maintaning high performance and scalability for compute-intensive workloads. Furthermore, the Intel Xeon Scalable platform offers superior memory performance to the growth in memory channels, and DIMMs running at up to 2666 MHz. Vexata arrays will be highly benefited with the capable for a seamless hardware upgrade to the new platform. With Intel Xeon Scalable processors inside, the Vexata VX-100M Array featuring Intel Optane™ SSDs, are counted upon to achieve seven million IOPS and 80GB/s of bandwidth at 40µs latency; a massive increase over the previous generation.
"Vexata and Intel have been collaborating closely over the last few years to bring cutting-edge storage arrays based on Intel Optane technology to enterprises," says Zahid Hussain, CEO of Vexata. "Vexata arrays offer industry-leading performance for database and analytics applications at unbeatable economics. We are pleased that the Intel Xeon Scalable platform helps us push the performance envelope further and offer more data services to our customers."
Enterprises are experiencing a digital transformation that is issuing in a need to process higher volumes of data in real time. Application and infrastructure acceleration through faster multi-core CPUs is crucial to this transformation. Vexata's arrays with the Vexata Operating System (VxOS) are powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors to accelerate I/O control path and storage services, while formulating a wide low latency offloaded datapath to solid state media.