2018 Press Releases

May 15, 2018

Shieldox Announces Collaboration with Microsoft Information Protection to Protect Data in Motion

Shieldox announced a new collaboration with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), to extend the protection capabilities of information collaboration within the walls of an organization and beyond, while in motion.

Shieldox is the forefront of the new category- Information Protection In Motion. Using their advanced artificial intelligence technology, Shieldox knows who can or cannot access sensitive documents, keeping them safe, at all times. The industry shaping solution will work alongside Microsoft Information Protection as an add-on solution for Microsoft Office 365. Together, Shieldox with Microsoft Information Protection help ensure that documents, files and emails are only seen by authorized persons, inside or outside the organization’s perimeter.

Sharing information with trusted parties inside and outside the organization is a tremendous key to success in today’s digital world. Yet, this free flow of information introduces increased risk of sensitive data accessed by the wrong people. A comprehensive information protection approach is therefore critical for businesses seeking to retain control over their information, especially considering the implementation of stringent GDPR and other top regulations. Microsoft Information Protection solution addresses security across all phases of the data lifecycle. This includes protecting sensitive information across devices, SaaS applications, cloud services and on-premises environments.

Shieldox and Microsoft Information Protection working side by side will enable organizations using Office 365 to detect, protect and control sensitive information based on pre-determined policies. Data will be able to be classified and applied into categories, based on sensitivity. This will enable businesses to easily take protective actions, including encryption, access restrictions and the remote wiping of devices. And once the data is in motion, businesses using the Shieldox add-on for Office 365 will be able to monitor their data with advanced reporting, alerting and remediation capabilities.

The benefits of this collaboration are clear. For the first time, sensitive information will be able to be defined and detected, regardless of where the data was created, modified or shared. The combined capabilities of Microsoft Information Protection and Shieldox will enable users to launch a complete impact analysis and full audit trail of every document on any endpoint or cloud - inside and outside the organization, identifying risks and vulnerabilities, and this user experience will help position Shieldox as a leader in the emerging category of Information Protection in Motion. Documents will now be able to undergo rapid auto-classification, leveraging flexible classification methods based on their unique needs. As such, data governance tools will become instrumental in the automatic retention or deletion of sensitive documents, as required.

Shieldox additionally aligns the security of all versions of sensitive documents, even if saved in different file formats or locations, thereby enables backward protection. And as Shieldox offers Office 365 users unique capabilities with respect to GDPR readiness, businesses and organizations taking advantage of the Microsoft Information Protection powered by Shieldox will gain unprecedented visibility and knowledge of how users distribute data, allowing them to more effectively respond to and remediate suspicious data activity.

“We had data breach concerns and lost control of our personal data. As such, we needed to think outside the box and look for a solution capable of transcending beyond the capabilities of traditional information security. Shieldox was able to offer us full lifecycle management of all our files, protecting information in motion, both inside and outside of the organization. For the NHS Trust, this simple to implement and use technology was a game changer,” said Robin Smith, IT Security Manager of NHS Foundation Trust.