2017 Press Releases

August 08, 2017

Kodiak Data Associates with Altinity to Provide the First ClickHouse Database Management System in the Cloud

Kodiak Data today announced that it will partner with Altinity to allow its customers to run powerful, interactive analytics at scale on Kodiak Data MemCloudTM, the edge-cloud for Big Data. The Kodiak Data platform is the only solution that can create, within minutes, virtual clusters for cloud, data and storage services that run at memory-speed, and scale to the needs of big data applications and processing. The partnership offers a comprehensive set of demo, benchmarking, sandbox and production environments for users of ClickHouse, a leading open-source columnar SQL database used for analytics and reporting. Under this partnership agreement Kodiak Data will offer pre-configured and custom clusters for ClickHouse on MemCloud and Altinity will offer professional services, training, and operational services for ClickHouse.

"We are excited to partner with Altinity, the leading domain experts for ClickHouse, to bring this suite dedicated to simplify evaluation, deployment and operation of ClickHouse," said Kodiak Data's CEO, Som Sikdar. "Users now have a well-proven technology backed by the best service expertise and memory-speed cloud, instead of expensive commercial analytics databases that use dated technology and force vendor lock-in."
"We have worked with Kodiak Data on delivering the first managed ClickHouse solution and have been impressed by the company's ability to offer memory-speed cloud infrastructure to power big data analytics," said Mindaugas Zukas, CEO of Altinity. "By combining the linear performance scalability and real-time report generation capability of ClickHouse with MemCloud, our customers will benefit from ease of administration, unmatched value and performance, and Altinity's 24x7 support."