2018 Press Releases

January 04, 2018

ioFABRIC Celebrates Exceptional Year For Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud Data Management

ioFABRIC Inc. announced its 2017 accomplishments. The accomplishments include the release of ioFABRIC Vicinity 3.0, which delivers a multi-site, multi-cloud data fabric for complete data protection and availability. The significant updates include industry-unique cost optimisation features, based on artificial intelligence, to automatically select the lowest-cost storage that meets each application's requirements. 

With new features, Vicinity can be leveraged as a solution against the growing threat of ransomware. Vicinity's immutable snapshots cannot be accessed or infected by ransomware, so data is always safe and easily recoverable. Vicinity protects from this most-common cyber-attack that caused business damages exceeding $5 billion in 2017.

Among ioFABRIC's new customers and partners is Canada's premium IT services provider Xenium, which offers ioFABRIC software as part of its data management and ransomware protection solution; Aeon Technology Services (Aeontech), one of Australia's leading providers of IT asset management services; and cyber security consultancy Seccom Global. 

Most recently, ioFABRIC was nominated for a Tech Trailblazers award in the Storage Trailblazers category, recognising vendors offering innovative solutions to enterprises – voting is open to the public through January 9. 

"It's been a banner year not just for us as a company but for the overall market shift to cloud and multi-cloud data management, where business and IT needs are being met by orchestrating workloads and services across all clouds, sites and storage," said ioFABRIC CEO and Co-Founder Steven Lamb. 

Vicinity unlocks the true value of the hybrid cloud by monitoring and automatically moving data to where it needs to be: active data remains on-premises, while stale data is automatically migrated to the cloud. Vicinity profiles performance, capacity, and data protection capabilities of all storage elements to deliver the service-level requirements that each application workload demands. Users can scale performance and capacity independently and without limit.

Vicinity recommends when you need more performance media and automatically overflows capacity to the cloud. Data is replicated across sites and clouds for always-on data durability that solves the challenges of backups and the risk of restores, guaranteeing business continuity.