2018 Press Releases

May 14, 2018

Imanis Data Introduces Unprecedented Data Protection for Couchbase Data Platform

Imanis Data announced enhancements to its backup, recovery, and data management for the Couchbase Data Platform. These new and improved capabilities deliver any-point-in-time recovery, content-level filtering and data masking, and a broader set of data protection options. With this release, Couchbase customers can add flexibility and productivity around protecting and managing their Big Data assets.

Data recovery effectiveness can have a profound effect on an enterprise’s financial and market success. Having to rebuild lost data can take weeks or months and incurs tremendous cost. Often, though, only a subset of data needs to be restored. Imanis Data’s new recovery options reduce downtime by letting users better target data that needs to be recovered. 

  • Improved point-in-time recovery allows for restoration of data from any specific time, even in between backups, delivering tight time precision to eliminate data loss. 

  • Content-level filtering allows more targeted recovery and enhances Dev/Test refresh by allowing teams to target subsets of production data, filtered by content.

  • Schema-only recovery provides broad database structure cloning without cloning actual data, accelerating new database deployments.

  • Expanded data masking facilitates compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR by helping protect personally-identifiable information (PII) in Test/Dev data copies.

  • View and index backup boosts recovery speed by restoring these Couchbase objects along with data.

These additions and enhancements address Couchbase customers’ advanced data protection needs by improving user productivity and adding flexibility for recovery.  Imanis Data orchestration for Couchbase minimizes downtime while accelerating product development.

“As a Couchbase and Imanis Data customer, we are excited about the continued rapid pace of innovation in these two platforms,” said Tom Crozier, Dev/Ops Engineer, CenterEdge Software.  “These enhancements significantly improve both our data recovery and security.”

“Imanis Data’s enhanced Couchbase support reinforces its leadership position and adds to the benefits Couchbase delivers to its customers,” said Matt McDonough, Vice President of Business Development, Couchbase.  “This release shows the strength of our partnership and the distinct value it provides to our users.”

“Couchbase customers push the boundaries of innovation and with this release, Imanis Data extends its lead in enabling that,” said Imanis Data CEO John Mracek.  “Couchbase customers can now experience even greater control over their data while also significantly reducing risk.”