2018 Press Releases

April 18, 2018

Huawei Launches SingleRAN Pro Platform to Tackle 5G Challenges at Huawei Analyst Summit

On the eve of the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2018, which DSA will be a part of over the next few days, Huawei released its 5G-oriented SingleRAN Pro solution - for which the Chinese multinational technology company has highlighted three features that will help operators tackle the challenges of the 5G era and build a fully connected, intelligent digital world. Namely:

  • 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G on one network
  • An agile architecture for diverse services
  • An automatic intelligent management system

As 5G looms over the horizon, the mobile broadband industry (MBB) is undergoing significant changes. The release of MBB traffic has created a positive business cycle for the industry, allowing operators to find favourable business models for new rounds of growth. Hundreds of billions of new connections are being created with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), while MBB-network-empowered sectors such as the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and VR/AR are experiencing structural changes, offering infinite opportunities for growth and new services.

Nevertheless, operators simply can’t ignore the following three challenges on the path towards 5G. Firstly, how to quickly deploy 5G networks with the highest cost-efficiency; secondly, how to flexibly allocate 5G network resources to maximise a networks' value; and thirdly, how to efficiently manage increasingly complex networks with reduced operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

At the launch, speaking to global analysts and members of the media, Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer of Wireless Solution said, "Huawei launched its SingleRAN solution in 2007 during the initial stages of large-scale 4G deployment. The all-in-one approach is an excellent answer for multi-RAT network deployment and also helps to significantly cut operators' CAPEX. The release of SingleRAN Pro is the result of continuous innovation combined with extensive experience of several hundred network deployments over the past decade. Huawei looks forward to teaming up with global operators and industry partners to embrace the future challenges and opportunities of the 5G era."

The newly launched SingleRAN Pro solution was created to specifically address the aforementioned challenges in three ways.

5G All-in-One: A Network That Supports 5G While Remaining Compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G Platforms
The unified hardware platform will support fast and efficient deployment of 5G target networks while being 2G, 3G, and 4G compatible. Thus, operators can ensure that their current investment will not be wasted once 5G arrives. 5G all-in-one brings SingleRAN's multi-RAT baseband and RF hardware resource sharing feature to a new level. The latest improvement maximizes resource efficiency while ensuring that operators' investments are future-proof. While SingleRAN boasts multi-RAT, this new solution features a multi-band multi-channel antenna and RF unit.

Massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) series products are specifically designed to suit diverse large-capacity scenarios. In addition, highly integrated hardware platforms such as integrated BBUs are introduced to not only expedite the introduction of 5G, but also substantially maximise site space. These new platforms will also help lower overall site energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Mobile Cloud: An Agile Network Architecture That Supports Operators' Multiple Services
The Mobile Cloud architecture covers three aspects. First, the network architecture is cloudified. Operators will be able to use the same set of software for distributed base station deployment (DRAN), centralised base station deployment (CRAN), and CU-DU split deployment. Second, spectrum resources are cloudified. CloudAIR is featured to enable on-demand rapid spectrum allocation. This accelerates the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, and boosts spectral efficiency. And third, air interface capabilities are cloudified. Network slicing allows for tailor-made interfaces and networks to suit a wide range of services.

Mobile Cloud ensures efficient resource utilisation, on-demand base station deployment, and agile service provisioning. These three features will allow operators' networks to host a growing number of diverse services from many different vertical industries while maximizing customers' return on investment (ROI).

Automation: An Intelligent Wireless Network System Marked by Automatic Management 
The 5G era presents operators with unprecedented O&M (operations and management) challenges. The management of network resource has become more complex than ever due to the co-existence of multiple RATs and various services. Meanwhile, differentiated QoS assurance for emerging vertical industry services is another major issue that operators must handle.

SingleRAN Pro delivers intelligent wireless networks with AI-based network optimisation, AI-based automatic O&M, and AI-based network capability enablement. This solution simplifies network O&M and spurs the development of intelligent O&M. It also further unleashes networks' latent potential, allowing for new performance breakthroughs. The solution gives rise to many new capabilities and offers automated solutions for issues that go beyond human capabilities. What was once considered impossible is now made possible.