2018 Press Releases

April 11, 2018

Hitachi, Ltd Selects Commvault to Protect its SAP HANA Cloud Service

Commvault announced that Hitachi, Ltd has selected Commvault as one of its backup solutions for Hitachi's SAP HANA Cloud Service in Japan. Commvault's solutions enable Hitachi, Ltd to maximize data availability and strengthen data protection through a single, unified intelligent backup and management platform.  

Hitachi's SAP HANA Cloud Service is an industry-leading, fully managed service that enables enterprises to migrate business-critical data systems on-premises to the cloud, with high reliability and scalability. Commvault's seamless integration with SAP HANA enables Hitachi, Ltd to backup and recover all SAP data while delivering an effortless user experience.

Trends such as big data and higher cloud adoption will require businesses to pay more attention to data protection. Commvault brings several key advantages to Hitachi's SAP HANA Cloud Service:

  • Increased integration: Businesses may now back up their SAP HANA database through Commvault directly, rather than first obtaining a separate database backup by console. Commvault Data Platform also provides data deduplication of these backups, therefore decreasing their overall size.  

  • Unified platform: Commvault IntelliSnap has also been integrated tightly into Hitachi's storage, allowing businesses to obtain a hardware snapshot which can further be stored, all from a single platform. With Commvault supporting Sybase and VMware databases, businesses have a unified user interface they can use to manage their backup requirements consistently.

  • Scale as you grow: With licensing available in 1TB capacity units, customers who select Hitachi's SAP HANA Cloud Service have the flexibility to select the capacity that fits their business needs and scale as their business needs change.

  • Improved support: Customers who select Hitachi's SAP HANA Cloud Service will have access to support from Hitachi, Ltd as well as Commvault's engineering and customer support teams.

Takeshi Sone, General Manager, Solutions Business Promotion Department, IT Platform Products Management Division, of Hitachi, Ltd said, "By 2020, SAP HANA is expected to be widely used by enterprises. To support this trend, Hitachi, Ltd is expanding our SAP HANA infrastructure and strengthening our cloud service, empowering Japanese on-premise SAP HANA users to move to the cloud. This shift will reduce day-to-day resource requirements for system setup through operation for SAP HANA implementation and improve application performance, minimize system downtime and drive greater business process automation and efficiency. The partnership Hitachi, Ltd has with Commvault allows us to meet the growing demands for cloud solutions and maintain quality customer satisfaction levels."

"We are excited to partner with Hitachi, Ltd around their growing cloud services offerings. With Commvault, Hitachi, Ltd can empower businesses with end-to-end data protection, simplified management and portability of SAP data. This allows companies to access and understand data quickly, thus providing them with a solid, unified foundation to derive deeper business insights and gain a competitive edge," said Yuichi Tawara, vice president for Japan, Commvault.