2018 Press Releases

May 16, 2018

Globalscape Adds Robust Support for Cloud Connectivity and New Automation Capabilities in Latest EFT Enterprise 7.4.7 Release

GlobalSCAPE, Inc. announced the newest version of its managed file transfer product, EFT™ Enterprise 7.4.7. This release introduces new functionality for the automation of workflows for cloud-based products and services, designed to empower users with additional tools to accelerate their migration to the cloud.

Award-winning Globalscape EFT allows organizations of any size to safely share information between people and places, inside and outside of the organization. Built-in regulatory compliance, governance and visibility controls keep data secure—in transit and at rest. Globalscape EFT is superior to insecure legacy systems, homegrown servers, and expensive leased lines, and provides organizations with a high performance, easy-to-administer, scalable alternative that secures your critical business data.

“Globalscape continues to enhance our MFT platform to support organizations as they execute their cloud strategy,” said Peter Merkulov, Chief Technology Officer. “The enhancements in EFT 7.4.7 give users additional tools to further streamline their business processes, reduce operational costs, dramatically increase efficiencies in data transfers and integration, increase confidence in, and boost security of their critical business data—on premises or in the cloud.”

With EFT 7.4.7, Globalscape adds new functionality that provides easy automation of workflows with cloud-based systems, including:

Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE)

The enhancements to the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) allow organizations of any size, anywhere in the world, to create sophisticated workflows for smooth integration with existing and new systems, and provides the following benefits:

  • Minimize custom scripting | Build and execute AWE workflows entirely within the user-friendly GUI. In combination with Event Rules, AWE allows users to fully automate IT processes—without writing a single line of code.

  • Stability and reliability to run an enterprise | Tight integration between AWE and EFT allows users to develop highly responsive and scalable processes critical to business continuity—offering a seamless experience without external dependencies.

  • Increase team efficiency and productivity | Automate repetitive tasks and processes—freeing users to focus on critical initiatives.