2018 Press Releases

April 11, 2018

Enterprise Strategy Group Analyses Opportunity to Reduce Cloud Storage Costs by More Than 60 Percent

Kaminario announced the results of a new study conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), which revealed the potential economic savings associated with Kaminario Cloud Fabric relative to hyperscale infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings such as Amazon Web Services. The analysis demonstrates the potential for delivering 64 percent lower data storage costs compared to major public IaaS offerings.

This economic value audit, commissioned by Kaminario, details the total cost of ownership of Kaminario Cloud Fabric for cloud service providers. Kaminario’s software enables service providers to build cloud storage infrastructure that meets the demands of large application providers including large enterprises, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and consumer internet companies.

While cloud computing is transforming the IT value chain, public IaaS offerings do not deliver the economics at scale that large cloud-scale application providers expect. In addition, security and regulatory concerns make it difficult for IT organizations to move all workloads to hyperscale cloud service providers. Today, various companies are searching for managed private cloud or bespoke cloud offerings tailored for specific application needs – resulting in a growing market for storage infrastructure solutions that support cloud-scale environments.  

“Kaminario Cloud Fabric creates an opportunity for service providers to offer an alternative to managed public cloud services,” said Josh Epstein, CMO, Kaminario. “Modern IT is rapidly evolving toward a multi-cloud reality. We see enormous opportunity for service providers to build offerings with the flexibility and simplicity of hyperscale offerings, with more customized services and better economic stories for their customers.”

ESG completed a total cost of ownership analysis of Kaminario Cloud Fabric across five categories—cost of storage capacity, maintenance and support, power and cooling, and storage administration—for a prototypical service provider. ESG focused on how Cloud Fabric can support a storage infrastructure strategy for cloud service providers that enables direct competition with hyperscale cloud services.

“Cloud Fabric offers compelling technology for service providers offering alternatives to managed public cloud services,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst, ESG. “The combination of Kaminario’s composable storage technology approach with its usage-based consumption model redefines storage economics for cloud scale applications.”