2018 Press Releases

June 08, 2018

Dell EMC Unveils New Capabilities and Industry-Specialized Solutions for Enterprise Customers Running SAP® Solutions

Dell EMC is advancing its world-class solutions and collaborating with SAP to enable enterprises in healthcare and energy markets to take advantage of the latest innovations, unlocking greater power in their SAP® software environments. Dell EMC continues to collaborate with SAP and leading solution providers to provide industry-specialized solutions in both healthcare and energy, as well as expertise that brings the power of new innovations such as blockchain to enterprises using SAP software.

“Customers continually tell us that they need a way to take advantage of powerful new technology in a way that makes sense for their particular market,” said Mike Arterbury, vice president, Technology Alliances, Dell EMC. “Dell EMC and SAP understand these critical markets and have collaborated for more than a decade to deliver innovation that helps customers unlock the power of their SAP software environments. And that’s at the core of our promise to customers – to deliver solutions that enable them to make the most of their IT investments and achieve their desired business outcomes faster than ever before.”

Driving the future of healthcare with Connected Health Platform

Available now, the new Connected Health Platform leverages Dell EMC and SAP technology to create the foundation and gateways to connect digital healthcare networks to core solutions for patient engagement, care delivery, care collaboration, clinical analytics, and personalized medicine. With options to deploy on site, at selected Dell EMC alliance partners, or in a secure, compliant cloud with Virtustream – the Connected Platform places the patient at the center of healthcare.

As digital innovation continues to drive the healthcare industry, there is increased real-time demand and supply for services, the creation of personalized treatment, and the ability to give patients greater control over their health. The Connected Healthcare Platform enables organizations to address these concerns using best-of-breed technology.

“Virtustream’s extensive experience migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud has proven a natural fit for the healthcare industry, as we intuitively understand the challenges associated with an organization’s most important applications and are unmatched in our ability to help healthcare organizations navigate to success,” said Peter Cutts, senior vice president, portfolio management and strategy, Virtustream.

New solutions offer mission-critical capabilities for energy, oil & gas markets

The new Connected Assets for Operations scenario combines Dell EMC’s industry knowledge and technology with the SAP ERP application and SAP Leonardo technical capabilities, helping customers to harness a true connected assets transformation with clear business benefits including:

  • Worker tracking and safety

  • Automated, streamlined, end-to-end work execution

  • Increased operations efficiency and visibility

  • Reduced downtime

  • Increased productivity and consistency for operations

  • Real-time decision support for workers

For oil and gas customers, the Connected Assets for Operations scenario combines Dell EMC infrastructure and SAP for Asset Management solutions with SAP Leonardo to consume data at the edge to improve decisions on the rig, plant or well site. This solution is available immediately and uses the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution to monitor asset performance and condition-based maintenance notifications. Additionally, it integrates numerous data sources to support equipment performance analysis and leverages machine learning to predict failure based on edge sensor data.

Partnering to deliver the power of blockchain while protecting data privacy 

Blockchains come with inherent privacy challenges. Enterprises require more than a basic blockchain, where all data is publicly available for all network participants without any encryption. They require an advanced approach that enables blockchain-based applications to reliably process private data.

Dell EMC and Camelot Innovative Technologies (Camelot ITLab) are collaborating on a solution that enables enterprises to capitalize on the unique capabilities of blockchains in a way that protects the privacy of sensitive data. Using the Camelot Trusted Computing Appliance in deployments powered by Dell EMC Ready Solutions for SAP Software and leveraging the SAP HANA® business data platform, enterprises can keep private data completely off-chain, stored only in their local environment or network. The private data is still registered on-chain by storing a hash of it for later verification of its integrity.

Industry-leading data protection capabilities added to Dell EMC Ready Solutions for SAP Software

Dell EMC’s industry-leading data protection capabilities have now been pre-tested for the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for SAP Software to offer customers a powerful, Dell EMC validated solution. The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for SAP Software optimize performance, reliability and efficiency for mission- and business-critical applications, and now provide a comprehensive, tested solution with data protection to help reduce complexity and deployment time. These solutions add Data Domain, which offers leading de-duplication, and data protection software, providing customers using SAP applications with back-up times of under an hour.