2018 Press Releases

May 17, 2018

Cirrus Data Solutions Expands Strategic Technology Alliance with Pure Storage

Cirrus Data Solutions announced an expansion of its strategic technology alliance with Pure Storage. Since 2014, CDS and Pure Storage have been deployed together in global enterprises, enabling a lower risk, faster migration onto Pure Storage all-flash arrays. The expanded technology alliance now includes a licensing agreement to provide easier access to the full CDS data management platform, which allows a much easier migration of data and a substantial reduction in the time required to migrate data onto Pure Storage systems.

As global data centers continue to demand more storage capacity to support complex workloads, storage technologies continue to evolve and data mobility is a key component of the value proposition. This alliance between CDS and Pure Storage enables global enterprises to feel confident that they can rapidly migrate their data without concerns of extended costs, delays, and risk exposure. With data growth outpacing production data, the combined solution from Pure Storage and CDS brings an outstanding ROI and other strategic advantages to customers.

“Through years of collaboration, our teams have worked tirelessly to provide global enterprises with the best storage experience available today,” said Jim Bisordi, Vice President & Global Head, Customer Success. “Leveraging the DMS appliance will allow us to minimize disruptions to the business and provide a quick and consistent approach to safely migrate our customers' data.”

CDS and Pure Storage continue to collaborate on go-to-market strategies, technology integrations, and expanded solutions for structured and unstructured workloads. With mutual customers on nearly every continent, enterprises can feel confident about moving to Pure Storage with CDS.

“Cirrus Data Solutions is proud of its technology alliance with Pure Storage,” said Wayne Lam, Founder and CEO, Cirrus Data Solutions. “Our dedication to customer excellence and delivering results that improve ROI and reduce cost means that we are focused on delivering the best data management solution in the marketplace. With our joint focus on properly managing data in the enterprise, the timing is right for CDS to expand and formalize its technology partnership with Pure Storage.”