2018 Press Releases

July 27, 2018

Buffalo Announces Integration of Microsoft Azure

Buffalo EU B.V. announced an update to the NAS firmware for its TeraStation™ 3010 and 5010 series. The update will allow the devices to synchronise with Microsoft® Azure cloud services for a seamless integration into any company data storage strategy. Firmware version 4.12 is available for free in the Support section on Buffalo’s website.

With the update, TeraStation 3010 & 5010 series are capable of unidirectional synchronisation with Azure Blob storage. Blob storage is an ideal cloud backup option for storing unstructured large files such as VHD files, movies, text, large spreadsheets, et cetera. Users can choose between differential and incremental backup methods, granting users the ability to manage storage space.

That will allow companies to set up a disaster recovery plan for their locally stored data and avoid disruptions in their business in case of an accident. Users can freely configure the synchronisation interval and whether versioning is enabled for Azure, allowing them to keep incremental versions of their files. Users also can choose whether files deleted from the NAS should be deleted from Azure or left in the cloud. In case the user wants to recover the data, a simple download of the data from Azure and restoration on the TeraStation will suffice.