Silver Peak Replicating Global Success With Unity EdgeConnect Into Asia

Silver Peak Replicating It’s Global Success With Unity EdgeConnect Into Asia

Tricia Png - Regional Director of APAC at Silver Peak

Silver Peak, announced yesterday the 400th customer deployment of its award-winning Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution, less than two years from its first customer shipment.  DSA were lucky enough to get comment from Silver Peak’s Regional Director of Asia Tricia Png who was able to give us some background on whether the success and interest in SD-WAN is being seen across Asia.
It’s clearly earlier days for adoption in Asia, but Png is Bullish explaining “Silver Peak has approximately two dozen SD-WAN customer deployments across Asia, spanning a range of industries including manufacturing, Oil and Gas, FSI and Logistics.
The company commenced shipping EdgeConnect in August 2015 and secured its initial 100 customers Globally by May 2016. Customer deployments doubled to 200 by October 2016 and have again doubled to more than 400 today. Png believes that deployments will continue to increase in Asia telling us “We expect this number to grow in the coming year as we scale our investments across the region and more geographically distributed enterprises with branch offices turn to Silver Peak to Connect their users directly to applications whether they reside in the data center or the cloud”
From DSA’s point of view, Png makes a strong point, the region is distributed with branch offices and variable bandwidth quality hence making it a strong market for this technology from our perspective. That said despite the clear need in this region we sense there is an education job for Silver Peak to do in the region to make more people aware of the benefits.
Png herself is very clear about the benefits for customers in Asia. “Companies are looking to leverage our powerful SD-WAN solution to progressively shift away from a router-centric infrastructure to gain application performance, security, reliability and control.”

No doubt the promise of simplifying connectivity through software is appealing to many, but perhaps the single most important message that Png and her team in Asia need to get across is when she highlights, "In addition, by augmenting MPLS with broadband connectivity, enterprises can save up to 90% on connectivity costs.” It’s a message that we at DSA believe will resonate. Essentially SD-WAN gets more data down smaller bandwidth with greater reliability, which is absolutely critical in a South Asia in particular where Bandwidth can be temperamental, slow and expensive.
Unsurprisingly Png is going after the service provider market “We are also responding to service providers across the region, that are starting to offer managed SD-WAN services to enterprise customers to realize new revenue streams.”
It’s clear that the Global success looks to be repeated here in Asia, and in our view ASEAN companies could stand to benefit from this technology.

With the latest software release announced on March 28th, EdgeConnect is now the industry’s first fully integrated SD-WAN solution to combine SD-WAN, WAN Optimization, routing and a stateful firewall. These advancements simplify and consolidate branch office infrastructure, shift the WAN edge toward being application-driven and enable secure, direct internet connectivity to SaaS and trusted web-based applications from the branch office.

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