Resilience Through Zerto Will Overcome Misfortune And Change

The 2nd ZertoCon Local 2017 was held in Kuala Lumpur today at Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur to a packed room seeking to learn more about what Zerto has in store for their Disaster Recovery and Replication. There to share their knowledge and expertise were Andrew Martin, Stanley Lee and Philip Hilton. They shared on the latest innovations that Zerto have released as well as a few that are in the pipeline for the very near future. Word of the day from the Zerto team was how Resiliency is now the new term for a complete disaster recovery solution. 

“DR is not just applicable to misfortune”. This was the clear and apparent message from Andrew Martin as he began his presentation. Which is why he says they prefer to use the term Resilience that better covers what Zerto does as a company for their clients.

Andrew went on to clarify that although there is nothing much that can be done when something unfortunate occurs, there are steps to take to prevent much loss and have little to no downtime in bringing systems back online. As for change, which is usually planned, Andrew delves into cloud bursting.

“Cloud bursting is very hard to do”, he explains. “There are many steps to effectively move data to cloud and it can’t happen as quick as one needs. There needs to be a simple way to go on cloud and go back to premise easily”, he shared while addressing the packed room.

With the advent of the cloud becoming more and more a business tool, IT becomes more resilient and dependable for the business owner. Andrew shared that 87% of companies in Malaysia believe their DR will be cloud based within the next 3 years. Of those, 56% think they will not be skill-ready to adopt the technology.

Andrew then went on to Zerto announcements which included adding Azure to their portfolio and increasing the journal for recovery to 30 days as well as having mobile access. He is confident that many things will change significantly as the journal time frame increases.

Other enhancements that were added was the Zerto Analytics and a mobile widget for running Zerto app easily from wherever you are to get updates on system functions at any given time. 

Their long-term vision is to be able to move workloads anywhere due to either misfortune or in the interest of change, or scaling up or down. With Zerto Cloud Continuity Platform that they are rolling out, companies will be able to do just that. However, the launch is coming soon and not as yet made public.

Zerto is the only organisation currently offering to replicate with failover. To questions from the attendants on whether bandwidth would affect replication, Andrew shared that that has not been an issue for Zerto. He assured that even in countries with poor bandwidth, they are more than able to cope.

To another question on if Zerto will be making any moves towards having physical presence in the market, he shared that it was part of the road map to produce physical appliance although no announcements are expected soon. 

Participants that numbered approximately 60 individuals, consisted of Zerto current partners, sponsors and interested individuals wanting to learn about Data Recovery as a Service. They were not disappointed as speaking to a few participants revealed that what Zerto had to offer was very much in line with what is currently needed in the market to bridge the knowledge gap.

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