NVIDIA Makes Big Announcements at GPU Technology Conference

NVIDIA kicked off its GPU Technology Conference with Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO making some big announcements during his keynote address from his home. Having been a household name for years, some of the announcements highlight NVIDIA’s continued commitment towards creating a better future for everyone with the best use cases in technology.

“NVIDIA is a full-stack computing platform. We’re building virtual worlds with NVIDIA Omniverse that will build the next wave of AI for robotics and self-driving cars. We announced new DGX systems and new software such as NVIDIA Megatron for giant transformers, NVIDIA Clara for drug discovery and cuQuantum for quantum computing”, said Jensen.

Cloud computing and AI are driving fundamental changes in the architecture of data centres. Jensen pointed out that software will be written by software running on AI computers. This is where the new NVIDIA DGX systems come in. He also announced Blufield 3 for data centre processing. NVIDIA is also expanding the reach of AI with new platforms to make AI accessible to all companies and industries.

Here is a list of some of the key announcements made at the summit.

NVIDIA Grace - Grace is NVIDIA's first data centre CPU, targeted at massive workloads like AI supercomputing and natural language processing. It's powered by ARM Neoverse cores and it'll be tightly integrated with the company's latest GPU technology.

NVIDIA Omniverse - a cloud-native, scalable to multiple GPUs, physically accurate, that takes advantage of RTX real-time path tracing and DLSS, simulates materials with NVIDIA MDL, simulates physics with NVIDIA PhysX and fully integrates NVIDIA AI.

NVIDIA BlueField 3 DPU – the next-generation data processing unit, to deliver the most powerful software-defined networking, storage and cybersecurity acceleration capabilities available for data centres.

The first DPU built for AI and accelerated computing, BlueField-3 lets every enterprise deliver applications at any scale with industry-leading performance and data centre security. It is optimised for multi-tenant, cloud-native environments, offering software-defined, hardware-accelerated networking, storage, security and management services at a data-centre scale.

NVIDIA Morpheus - a cloud-native cybersecurity framework that uses machine-learning to identify, capture and take action on threats and anomalies that were previously impossible to identify, including leaks of unencrypted sensitive data, phishing attacks and malware. Deploying Morpheus with security applications takes advantage of NVIDIA AI computing and NVIDIA BlueField 3 DPUs to provide users with the ability to protect their data centre from its core to the edge.

NVIDIA DGX SuperPod - AI supercomputers featuring 20 or more NVIDIA DGX A100™ systems and NVIDIA InfiniBand HDR networking. Among the latest to deploy DGX SuperPODs to power new AI solutions and services are:

  • Sony Group Corporation is using DGX SuperPOD to enable its corporate research and development team to infuse AI across the company.
  • NAVER, a leading internet technology company in Korea and Japan, is training giant AI language models at scale on DGX SuperPOD to pioneer new services across e-commerce, search, entertainment and payment applications.
  • Recursion, a digital-biology company working to industrialise drug discovery, is using DGX SuperPOD to accelerate its deep learning models and empower its growing workforce of machine-learning experts.
  • MTS, Russia’s largest telecommunications company, is using its DGX SuperPOD as the foundation for its AI-ready development infrastructure and new public cloud service offerings, as well as to integrate AI and data science across its departments.
  • VinAI is using its DGX SuperPOD, which will rank as Vietnam’s fastest AI supercomputer, to accelerate AI initiatives, including autonomous vehicles, healthcare and consumer services, in Southeast Asia and around the world.

NVIDIA Megatron — a framework for training transformers, which have led to breakthroughs in natural-language processing. Transformers generate document summaries, complete phrases in email, grade quizzes, generate live sports commentary and even code.

NVIDIA Clara Discovery - acceleration libraries for computational drug discovery.

NVIDIA cuQuantum - accelerate quantum circuit simulators so researchers can design better quantum computers.

NVIDIA Jarvis - a state-of-the-art conversational and deep learning AI for speech recognition, language understanding, translations and expressions speech.

Updates to NVIDIA Drive – to allow next-generation robotaxis to become a reality as well as partnerships with Volvo Cars, Zoox and SAIC to power next-generation AI-based autonomous vehicles. The first car featuring DRIVE Orin technology, the next-generation Volvo XC90, is planned to be revealed next year. Vietnam’s leading automaker, VinFast, is starting mass production of its VF e34, VF e35 and VF e36 intelligent EVs with level 2-3 autonomous capabilities. It plans to upgrade these premium EV models to NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

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