NexGen Storage prioritized active cache improves flash utilization by 150 percent

SanDisk spin-out NexGen Storage launched its new N5 hybrid flash array portfolio featuring Prioritized Active Cache that improves flash utilization by 150 percent. The new N5 array features 4x lower $/VM storage costs versus leading hybrids.
Other key differentiating capabilities include:

  • A purpose-built software architecture to manage PCIe flash eliminating SSD bottlenecks and performance limitations;
  • Prioritized Active Cache allows 2.5x more data in flash versus hybrids and reduces flash capacity required by 10x versus all flash arrays;
  • Policy-based simplicity that provides automated, real-time prioritization of all application workloads;
  • Key integration with VMware via a vSphere plug-in and VAAI to ensure plug and play deployment;
  • More flash, less footprint than SSD-based products with up to 15.2 TB of Flash and 64.0 TB of capacity in 3 rack-units.

The complete NexGen N5 Hybrid Flash Array product portfolio, including the N5-200, N5-300, N5-500 and N5-1000, is available immediately with pricing starting at US$55,000.

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