New Flexera Software App Portal release supports Cloud & Apple Mac Apps

Flexera Software, the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance, security and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises, announced the latest release of its universal enterprise app store, App Portal.
The new release provides support for the growing number of enterprises who want to deliver cloud apps to their employees, support Apple Mac environments, and track time and cost savings associated with implementing a self-service enterprise app store.
"True self-service in a 'Consumerisation of IT' context means employees should have one place to go for any type of application they need -- desktop, mobile, cloud; and one place that will support their chosen device type - PC or Mac, iOS or Android mobile. And by implementing such a system, organisations should have an easy and straightforward way to measure the efficiencies delivered," said Maureen Polte, Vice President of Product Management for Flexera Software.
"App Portal is the only truly universal enterprise app store that also delivers back-end governance, like software license management, approvals and workflow, which can be implemented stand-alone or within an organisation's IT Service Management system such as ServiceNow or BMC Remedy. And with a new dashboard to track ROI, IT Service Management teams can easily measure the value they're receiving."
App Portal now offers self-service provisioning of Salesforce.com, Microsoft Office 365, Box, and other cloud applications from the same app store where employees currently can request desktop and mobile apps.
App Portal is a universal app store that simplifies the user experience, automatically provisioning cloud employee accounts and ensuring the same level of automation and control as already provided for desktop and mobile apps.
Moreover, currently in most organisations Macs are supported differently than other devices -- often excluded from IT service automation.
As a result, there is no single source for application requests across all device types, leading to increased IT overhead and employee confusion. App Portal addresses this problem by now supporting deployment of applications to Macs via JAMF Software's Casper Suite.
App Portal's intelligent display means Mac users will only be able to choose Mac applications when they use the app store -- and delivery of requested Mac apps is automated. If a mobile version of that app is available -- App Portal will also recommended it to the user during checkout.
Consequently, employees can now visit App Portal's universal enterprise app store from any device and access any application type, while administrators can simultaneously manage the app store configuration -- reducing complexity and overhead.
App Portal also supports governance and IT service management best practices via a dashboard providing a view into the time and cost savings associated with software and OS requests, as well as usage and product adoption information for App Portal.
"Ultimately IT Service Management teams need the ability to demonstrate how application and OS requests impact IT Service Management, chargeback and showback. They must also be able to demonstrate how automating self-service can save their organisations time and money," said Polte.
"App Portal's elegant new dashboard provides visibility into these metrics and can further demonstrate savings and ROI data to justify investment in a universal app store."

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