Big Megawatt Data Centres Are The Next Step In The Digital Era

Manager of Vertiv Malaysia and Senior Director, Strategic Accounts, Vertiv Asia, Hitesh Prajapati, along with Chee Hoe Ling, Vice President, Product & Solution & Marketing, for Vertiv Asia, hosted a media luncheon and DSA was cordially invited to get a closer insight into the new Vertiv.

Vertiv designs, builds and services critical infrastructure that enables business applications for multiple platforms such as data centres as well as commercial or industrial facilities.

Speaking to Chee, he elaborated that most stack output today is around 3 to 10 kilowatts. But with the immense amount of usage that is being garnered from big data applications and IoT devices, that output is not enough.

“We used to see 5 to 10 kilowatts per rack. But now, people are building in the region like Korea and Singapore, data centre size of 80 megawatts. We used to see three megawatts. This is a big one. Three to 80,” he said adding that the average output per rack has jumped up to 35 kilowatts from 10 or less. Whereas super-computers go up to 80 kilowatts per rack.

The change is a big one that is impacting the region and Malaysia, he says, is right on the edge of that change as well.

He agreed that the reason for this was because of the growing digital eco-system. “The IoT, the analytics, people are demanding more analytics to serve the community better, to drive the mobile data that everybody is contributing to. So that drives demand for applications which we foresee coming and with that, you need a combination of big, medium size and smaller sized data centres.”

“What we do is design the data centre. It could be a complex turnkey design, where they so-called outsource for people like us to build the whole data centre – they will operate it, we won’t operate it. Or a simple product insertion for thermal or DC power for a telecommunication company.”

Hitesh, who has been in Malaysia for just three years, from all his travels, admittedly prefers Malaysia to any other country.

“Many of you might know us as Emerson Network Power. Part of the Emerson group.” He shared that the company changed ownership and due to new ownership, they had to rename. “Vertiv is a combination of 2 words; vertex plus active,” but he admitted the process to getting there was very long.

Malaysia’s growing tech industry has given Vertiv a strong foothold in the local market. In fact, Vertiv is the main supplier for big data companies like Ali Baba and Tencent of which, the former has begun setting up their data centre here in Malaysia. For safety reasons, both Chee and Hitesh aren’t able to disclose any other information with regards to that.

Hitesh shared that he was privileged to witness the beta version of how the IoT for traffic systems in Malaysia would operate and he said it was very impressive.

“They can zoom into your number plate, if you are wearing your seatbelt or on the phone, they will have the capability to even find out if you have a record with the police and detect your location.”

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