Any Device Any Application Any Cloud Pat Gelsinger and His Vision for VMware

Any Device Any Application Any Cloud Pat Gelsinger and His Vision for VMware  

Melina Hwang - Group Publisher

VMware . CEO Pat Gelsinger

Closing out the day at Dell Technologies World 2018, Pat Gelsinger The VMware CEO focused on two major messages. He spoke to a “Digital Foundation Built on VMware” and also to his assurance that VMware and Dell Technologies are “Better Together”.
The theme of the conference has clearly been about Digital Transformation and how Dell Technologies can accelerate that process. Gelsinger joined the chorus extolling “The need for speed” when it comes to transformation. He then delved under the covers of the vision to give some tangible detail on just how VMware plays a huge role in Dell’s total transformation story.
At DSA, we have long been of the opinion that VMware is the jewel in the crown of the amalgamated Dell EMC companies, Mr Gelsinger’s presentation reinforced that point of view. Every Dell executive we have heard from at the conference so far has highlighted that becoming software defined is the nirvana for transforming your IT and your business. VMware provides the platform that delivers that software definition.
Pat Gelsinger expertly carved out a vision of any device, any application and any cloud built on a foundation of VMware and made better by the collaboration with other Dell technology offerings. Examples of the “better together” include Workspace ONE pre-integrated into Dell workstations, VxRack Software Defined Data Centre built on PowerEdge servers as well as the VMware Pivotal Container service.

Chad from Pivotal Talks Pivotal Container Service

When it comes to the any device, any application and any cloud Gelsinger pointed to Workspace ONE explaining how a single user experience can now be replicated over the widest choice of devices, at the same time robust security has been built into the platform without compromising that experience.
For any application Gelsinger told us that the “debate between container or VM is now over” It is not an either/or decision, containers run best on virtual machines and are proven to be great for application mobility. He explained how VMware and Pivotal have collaborated to build two stacks to support applications on any cloud. One designed for existing applications that need to be “migrated” into a cloud environment, the other for applications that will be built from scratch for cloud. Both stacks have the benefit of strong underlying security lacking in the pure play container world.   
Gelsinger pointed out that functionality and security were not at the expense of simplicity, highlighting a case study with Bank of Jamaica, who have limited resources compared to multinational companies, but when using the Pivotal Container Service were able to implement 100 containers in just two days.
Finally, on the concept of any cloud, Gelsinger was able to point to over 4000 cloud service providers that have built cloud based on VMware’s cloud foundation. He also pointed to the major public cloud providers such as IBM cloud and Amazon who offer VMware based options in their offerings. For companies with vSAN as their underlying storage platform, having compatibility between clouds is a reality.

The message is great and accurate, but look out for this “gotcha” that we would be remiss not to point out. Any Cloud, actually means any cloud built on VMware. As an example, vanilla AWS does not use VMware for underlying virtualisation, it is a costed extra that does not come as standard. Also for the many cloud providers that do not build their cloud on VMware at all, the “any cloud” message does not apply to them.

NSX securing cloud connectivty and SD WAN Maintaining Throughput

That said, many companies are aiming to get to this “any cloud” nirvana and in truth it is difficult to see anyone that has a more complete picture under one roof than VMware and Dell Technologies.
The “better together” message is certainly powerful, but in DSA’s humble opinion, Dell technologies need to be careful when they tread this line with VMware. The virtualisation space is crowded and competitive and VMware’s major attraction is that they work well with all hardware vendors. They need to continue to do so. For VMware to continue to be the leader in the software defined space, they need to continue to work well with everyone and anyone who builds server, storage and networking hardware.
To date VMware has always managed to walk that tight rope successfully, we are sure they will continue to do whilst remaining a critical component of Dell Technologies total transformation vision.

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