Amplifying Analytics With Amplitude

Amplitude recently unveiled the industry’s first Digital Optimisation System, a unified system to help businesses connect digital product innovation to business outcomes and answer the strategic question: “How do our digital products drive our business”? 

DTA caught up with Julio Bermudez, Vice President of Amplitude in APAC and Latin America to understand more about Amplitude’s newest solution and how businesses in the ASEAN region have been benefiting from Amplitude.

According to Julio, in order for businesses to truly understand the full potential of their digital investments, they need to be able to measure them. What he means is, if the world is going to see USD $6 trillion of digital product of investments by 2023, businesses need to know how and what actually happens.

“If you look at all the tools available in the market, Amplitude is uniquely positioned to help people understand this. A marketing tool helps you understand how people get to your products. But in between, people came and spent money and you don’t know what’s going on. And that’s where Amplitude plays a part in”, said Julio.

There is no denying that marketing tools have improved the understanding of what drives acquisition. Whether it be doing advertising on social media, search ads, public relations, radio, podcast, etc, there’s a lot of tools that help businesses understand user acquisition. But the question is, what happens in the post-acquisition?

“You have a high-resolution view of what it takes to get a customer and good reports on demographics but what are the key behaviours a person exhibits that is correlated to the right outcomes? For example, a lot of companies segment their customers based on demographics. Amplitude goes beyond demographics and into behavioural-based”, added Julio.

In the video below, Julio explains how businesses can make the most out of Amplitude’s solutions. He also shares how their customers in ASEAN have benefited from leveraging behavioural analytics.

At the same time, Amplitude also announced the Amplitude Partner Ecosystem, an industry-first program that brings together more than 40 founding partners to help customers accelerate and optimise digital transformation and product innovation strategies.

By joining the Amplitude Partner Ecosystem, partners gain access to a range of resources and benefits, including Amplitude technical experts, training and certification programs, and joint sales and marketing opportunities, making it easier than ever to build and deliver innovative solutions to customer problems and cultivate new business opportunities. More than 40 ecosystem partners have joined as founding members, with the intent to add new partners on an ongoing basis. Two categories of partners include:

Solution partners: Amplitude partners with a network of global systems integrators, consultancies and digital agencies to provide business transformation strategy, best practices and technology implementation support. Founding member solution partners include Slalom, WWT Digital and Bottle Rocket.

Technology integrations: The ecosystem includes technology integrations across 16 software categories to build and deliver end-to-end customer engagement processes. A sample of founding member integration partners include:

  • Marketing Automation: Integrations with marketing technologies, including Braze, Airship and Iterable, leverage Amplitude behavioural data to help marketing teams run more targeted, personalised campaigns and understand how campaign engagement impacts business metrics such as retention and loyalty.

  • Attribution: Amplitude integrates with attribution technologies, including Branch, AppsFlyer and Singular, to combine attribution data with behavioural data for more granular campaign analysis and to optimise marketing return on investment.

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP): Amplitude integrates with CDPs, including Segment and mParticle, to help product and analytics teams more easily query the data in the CDP to gain faster access to insights.

Powered by the proprietary Amplitude Behavioral Graph, the Digital Optimisation System enables organisations to see and predict which combination of features and actions translate to business outcomes - from loyalty to lifetime value - and intelligently adapt each experience in real-time based on these insights.

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