Why Do Businesses Still Use IBM Notes and Domino Solutions?

IBM Notes and Domino have been around for almost 30 years, a very long time especially in the world of IT. The reason the platform has remained a market leader for so long is that it has continued to set the standard for innovation in the messaging and collaboration market it pioneered in the early 90’s.

While a lot of people may remember that it’s an email system, the fact is, IBM Notes is much more than that. The combination of IBM Notes and IBM Domino, the robust collaborative client-server software platform, offers a variety of business tools for communication and organisation. Far from being “just an email client”, IBM Notes can also provide a calendar, cache of data, address book and server access without the user having to open up separate functions.

One of the biggest strengths of IBM Notes and Domino platform is flexibility in addressing the varied requirements of organisations. Users have freedom to choose their server and client operating systems, hardware platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc), networking protocols, directory infrastructure, programming languages, client devices, and more. It is essentially a tool for building in-house applications within an environment that implements and enforces a robust and ubiquitous security model, one that also happens to include email functionality.

Now, the reason businesses of all sizes continue to use Notes is that it actually helps them get real work done, efficiently and securely.

In terms of real world examples, IBM Notes have helped companies like Rustan’s, one of the largest retail companies in the Philippines, to benefit from huge reliability and security improvements after they switched from an earlier system which bogged down workflow and had a number of security vulnerabilities.

As a testament of its flexibility to meet different business requirements, a registration and enrolment system was developed for GCF International Christian School using IBM Domino to cut process time, simplify operations and drive efficiency. The solution has allowed the school administrators and staff to spend less time on cumbersome, redundant and manual processes and focus on more productive tasks.

IBM Notes is truly an all-rounder; it is a powerful (and open) application development platform that is more than the sum of its parts. The flexibility of IBM Notes and Domino and the possibilities afforded by its use mean that the platform does not really fit neatly into a single software category in either its definition or functionality. However, this also means that in terms of investment, IBM Notes and Domino can deliver more than “just an email client” to organisations that really take advantage of what it can do.

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