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Three Steps to An Agile Data Centre

The data centre has always been the hub and foundation of corporate IT, however in today's climate of constant business and transformation the traditional "bricks and mortar" hardware centric data centre can end up being a noose around the neck of efforts to keep pace in the digital age.

The role of IT has changed. For companies to be truly digitised and data driven, IT can no longer be a support function. It is a business enabler that needs to be agile enough to adapt to the fast-moving market demands in which we now operate.

The traditional data centre was built on hardware to support business operations that endured for years at time. Modern business models now change by the week not the year. The supporting IT should now be the enabler for change, more so it should be the inspiration for change.

An agile data centre should be software centric, enable flexibility and expandability, enable choice and integrate with clouds. Importantly, it should also allow a small agile IT teams to manage a much infrastructure at massive scale.
Hitachi Vantara provides the platform, products and expertise to modernise your business with an agile datacentre. Here are three areas to focus on as you switch from a fixed static data centre to an agile model.

Firstly, being agile will mean focusing on integration with cloud systems. Today, cloud technology dominates the digitalisation of industries. There are cloud options for every need and process that businesses require. An integrated cloud strategy allows businesses to work agilely in any environment. Adopting a hybrid cloud solution will allow you to reduce the inventory of countless legacy systems as they move into cloud based environments.

The agility of working with applications and services between cloud and on-premises environments will allow businesses to be more flexible. The public cloud can also be used as part of the whole data centre set up. It will be easier to handle and would require lesser resources.

Secondly, the focus should also be on efficient and intelligent operations. This means being able to run tasks and programs with minimal IT operations management supervision. The agile datacentre will provide efficiently operated solutions for administrative tasks, it should also ensure that operational processes are largely or completely automated.  Automation should also be supplemented with intelligent operations. This includes incorporating supporting technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to allow operational administrative tasks to be conducted with minimal supervision. IT personnel will save a lot more time, they will focus less on administrative activity in favor ways to improve the business.

The third area of focus is security. Security risks will always be there in any data centre. Being able to ensure systems are protected has fast become a business imperative as the attack landscape gets bigger and more aggressive. Having a modern system of protection that has enough features to deal with modern threats and is an absolute nescity in today’s digital environment.

To understand more about how Hitachi Vantara can accelerate your path to an agile data centre, visit here.  

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