Democratising Transformation - Putting Intelligence in The Hands of Everyone

“Over the next few years, as the cost of making something intelligent approaches zero, companies will succeed and fail based on their ability to translate data, including historical data, into insights and actions and products and services in real time.” - Michael Dell, Forbes Magazine’s 100th Anniversary Issue. 

Digital and IT transformation is both real and unstoppable. This business revolution has always been data driven, but as the discipline of data science is evolving, it has become clear that artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning are accelerating the impact that big data is delivering. 

The uptake of and interest in AI shows just how significant these disciplines are becoming.  According to the AI Index Report 2017, the number of papers published on AI has grown by nine times since 1996, and enrolments on AI or machine learning courses at Stanford University have increased by nearly 11 times since 2000. The importance of these disciplines is not lost on C-Levels either, with 81% of fortune 500 CEOs identifying AI and machine learning as critical to their business. 

For businesses, data-driven insights need to be made available to a wide cross-section of employees. The real power of insights is when it is put into the hands of the people on whom the business is built. Putting powerful insights into the hands of employees empowers more people in your organisation to make smarter, faster decisions. That translates to competitive advantage, new business models and ultimately, improved bottom line. 

Transformative technologies like AI, ML and deep learning have to be democratised. They are not the preserve of the boardroom. Their power is derived by empowering an entire workforce. 

However, among these new and emerging technologies, many are cutting edge, but many more are unproven. The AI Index Report 2017 highlights that 14 times more AI start-up companies received venture funding in 2017 as compared to the year 2000.  It’s exciting, but the technology is formative and that means it is laden with risk. 

Democratising powerful yet unproven technologies can be even more disastrous than beneficial. When AI and deep learning go even slightly wrong, the negative impact can be enormous. So, when you put this power in the hands of your employees at large, it must be done with confidence and investment in proven technologies. 

Back to Michael Dell. His quote referenced at the start of this article is a clear acknowledgement that technologies like AI, augmented reality and deep learning are intrinsic to the future success of Dell Technologies and its customers. At the recent Dell Technologies World event, we saw consistent and repeated reference to how Dell is delivering AI solutions for the customers of all sizes, all over the globe. 

Dell currently doesn’t offer pure play AI or ML solutions themselves, but Dell EMC is partnering with proven leaders in this space. To accelerate the democratisation of these transformative technologies, Dell EMC has forged strategic partnerships to deliver machine and deep learning ready bundles with Intel using Xeon scaleable processors to get to production quickly and securely. These predefined stacks de-risk and accelerate AI and ML democratisation. Not only is the software and hardware pre-integrated and tested, Dell also works with proven software players that have a long track record of successful outcomes from big data driven machine learning and AI implementations.

In South East Asia, Dell EMC is working closely with companies such as DataRobot for ML- driven big data predictive analytics, driven big data analysis, Kinetica to combine business intelligence with AI. All of them are building tested and proven, pre-integrated solutions with Dell EMC.According to Joseph Tan, Technology Alliance Director for Dell EMC APJ, “Through curated partnerships, we are making it easier for our customers to procure future-ready solutions that put them in the forefront of an AI-led digital innovation”.

By working with proven vendors in this fast-developing space, Dell EMC can advise, accelerate and de-risk your implementation of AI and machine learning. In doing so, they are able to advance the democratisation of these technologies to your wider workforce.

If you would like to speak to Dell EMC representatives to learn more about how they can help you build your own emerging technologies’ transformation strategy, and how your own business can leverage AI, ML and deep learning, click here.

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