Cloud-2-Cloud It’s About Regaining Control

Cloud-to-cloud data protection is a term that is used to refer to data that resides in the cloud and that is backed-up to another cloud. The cloud-based application market is growing. As increasingly more companies adopt SaaS infrastructures, how are you backing up the data that exists in these applications? With cloud-to-cloud backup and data recovery, you can backup that data from the clouds of SaaS providers to your designated cloud data centre so you can protect all of your enterprise data wherever it resides. Data is backed-up in a single consolidated repository and you can gain control of the frequency and granularity of data backups, and set the necessary RTO and RPO to meet business goals.

When it comes to SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, many people think that there is no need for a data protection solution for these. Some common misconceptions are that Google and Microsoft never go down, the SaaS provider takes care of the backup so they don't have to, that SaaS applications don’t get hit by malware or other cyber-attacks, and that cloud providers have very good uptime SLAs. These beliefs are wrong.

1. Clouds do go down. An example is Microsoft's Office 365 customers were left without email and other services during an outage that lasted over three hours on 9th September 2011. There are also other more recent reported downtimes.
2. Clouds also suffer cyber-attacks. Cloud resources are attractive grounds for cyber-criminals because huge data and other information are available at a centralised place. Accessibility by anyone subscribing, and from anywhere is highly suitable for cyber criminals.
3. Uptime SLAs that SaaS providers offer are rarely backed by meaningful penalties.

Data loss happens even in the cloud and old methods of protecting cloud-based data don’t work. Instead, to build data protection for cloud-based apps, companies need to turn to specialist managed service offerings built for the cloud and delivered using the same flexible models.

The bottom line is that you can’t rely on your cloud application provider to deliver the best data protection. They are application specialists, not data protection specialists. The only way you can be sure that your cloud-based SaaS data is fully protected is by implementing a strong specialist data protection solution delivered by an expert.

Datto is a company that offers solutions for cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery. Datto’s Backupify can protect Office 365 and Google Apps data in the protected Datto Cloud, and restore lost or corrupted data through an instinctive admin interface. Datto’s Datto Drive is an efficient file sync and share platform for businesses, privately deployed and protected by the secure Datto Cloud.

If you leave the protection of your SaaS data only in the hands of your SaaS provider, you may be putting your company at risk. Their expertise is in the application they provide, not in data protection. Our advice is to take back control of protection of your SaaS data by implementing cloud-to-cloud data protection.

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