Business Reality is Augmented

Back in 2014, Facebook bought a start-up called Oculus for $2billion. Oculus was a crowdfunded company pioneering a low cost Virtual reality headset. There was outcry from the original crowdfunding investors that felt Oculus had sold out. They were largely gamers who felt that Oculus would be an independent force that could transform the gaming industry. However, the size of the investment was about much more than gaming. 

The image of VR headsets still gets associated with gaming, but the truth is that the impact of augmented reality in the workplace is likely to be one of the most powerful forces for transformation in the coming years.

Augmented reality recreates experience in a way we are only just starting to fathom. Whether its sitting in the front row in concert or sporting event live in real time, video conferencing from your own living room or viewing a property for purchase, augmented reality has the potential to place us “inside” experiences.

At Dell Technologies world earlier this year, Albert “Skip” Rizzo Associate Director for Medical Virtual Reality at University of South California explained how they are working with Dell to build Augmented Reality to help war veterans suffering from Battle Trauma. Under the project called “Bravemind” which Skip terms as exposure therapy, they are able to place veterans back into an Augmented Reality which simulates experiences reported by soldiers enabling them to face and learn to deal with difficult memories. This is one of many examples that deliver what Michael Dell sees as one of his key visions, namely to “Create technologies that drive human progress”.

Every aspect of how we experience the world, learn and communicate will be transformed by augmented reality. Trainee surgeons will be able to “virtually” hold and look at organs rather than read about them in books. Video conferencing will feel like actually sitting in a room with your colleagues around the world. Building designers will build life scale models that can be viewed as if they had already been built.

It sounds futuristic, but augmented reality is a business reality today.

Not only that, AR is within the reach of companies of all sizes. The technology is already accessible and priced within reach of even the smallest businesses. As an example, Dell teamed with AR specialist Meta at the beginning of this year to launch an AR development kit for industry. The kit which was lunch in the US provided everything a business needs to develop its own AR application, the amazing thing is the cost – it retailed at under $1500. The message is simple. AR is here and now and affordable to all.

Digital and IT transformation is not just a buzz word, it’s an industrial revolution happening right now. AR is a serious business technology that will change industries over-night. It is not an over statement to say that business and IT leaders that don’t grasp this quickly are exposing their company to risk of becoming irrelevant.



Dell EMC are pioneering business use cases for AR. For them the technology its looking at your business and understanding where AR could transform what you do. This great video interview with Michael Dell can help you to understand more about just how Dell EMC are helping companies use emerging technology for their own transformation.

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