Availability and Protection Saves $1.39Million

An IDC analysis shows organisations stand to lose a lot from poor data protection and recovery operations. The losses are estimated to be as much as an average of $ 1.39million per organisation, per year! The organisations in question employed 8,000 people on average. Whilst your own organisation may be smaller or bigger, the correlation holds true, downtime = real financial losses.
This finding is not a surprise, research has consistently shown the downtime is expensive. This being the case you would expect that most organisations would choose to be more vigilant in having better protection and availability. Surprisingly it remains the case that many companies do not take the most expedient steps to protect their data or build recovery plans that make use of the most up to date technology.

The problem is that data protection is not valued in the same way as data analytics. Company executives can draw a line between revenue and data analysis technologies. They need to connect the dots between downtime and losses. It could be argued that not doing so, it is a gross mismanagement of funds which in the very worst cases can end in a companies demise.

Veeam With Hewlett Packard

Without over stating the case, data protection and availability today can mean the difference between a company’s success, failure or even continuation. Veeam has partnered with HPE to build fully supported joint solutions. Integrating with their primary and secondary storage solutions to provide specifically designed data protection solutions for every line of business in your company.  In our digital economy these ratified solutions protect your digital assets and reputation my giving assured data availability, supporting streamlined IT operations and greatly reducing any risk of data loss.
The HPE and Veeam deployments support includes:

  • Enabling faster and more frequent execution of data backup and recovery activities to limit potential loss of transactions
  • Increasing the availability of data and applications and reducing the impact of data-related or virtual machine (VM) outages on users and the business
  • Supporting more efficient data protection and recovery efforts for IT staff to lower operational cost
  • Delivering a dependable cost-effective data protection and recovery solution to reduce risk of data loss

With a median downtime cost estimated to be approximately $150,000 per hour, there is no doubt money spent on reducing such down time will always pay for itself, in addition it will ensure your reputation remains high with consumers that no longer understand or accept downtime.  It’s so much more than reaping the cash rewards of avoided downtime, its about freeing expensive IT resources to focus on positive business generating activities, it’s also about retaining customers but meeting the always on demands of our online world.

At the pace of which these technical transformations are happening, the challenge of keeping businesses and data always on is getting harder to do, working with companies that are transforming their solutions at the same rate as your own business is vital.

Veeam and HPE provide tested verified solutions that are built on technology that is already part of the era of cloud and transformation. These are trusted experienced companies that have built solutions that will meet the ever changing IT landscape and have been designed to deliver protection and availability SLA’s that recognise just how expensive each moment of downtime is becoming.

For more information please click here to download The Business Value of High Availability Storage Environments from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Veeam Software

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