AI Predicted to Bring Billions for Indonesia’s GDP, Modern Servers from Dell Technologies Can Help Bring This to Reality

One of the most flexible technologies in today’s digital landscape is Artificial Intelligence (AI), as it can integrate with many business applications and use cases in numerous industries. The reason so many organisations are accelerating their AI adoption is that not only does it improve operations, enhance efficiency, and unlock better data-driven insights but these benefits can also bring them a huge amount of money.

For Indonesia, it is estimated that AI will bring USD $366 billion to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2030, accounting for the biggest contribution for Southeast Asia. This is largely thanks to the efforts from both the government and private sectors to embrace AI and make it a priority as they digitally transform.

The country’s Ministry of Research and Technology recently unveiled Indonesia's National AI Strategy. It aims to transform Indonesia into an innovation-based country, encourage AI research and industrial innovation and develop AI-related talent in the population.

Indonesia's National AI Strategy also includes plans to support health services, education and research, food security and mobility and smart cities. It identifies four key areas: ethics and policy, talent development, infrastructure and data, and industrial research and innovation.

For companies in Indonesia, AI promises to be a game-changer. For example, since the country has a swelling online presence, industries like e-commerce are now utilising AI to improve their operations and deliver improved customer experiences.

In fact, a leading e-commerce platform in the country was able to increase their total number of transactions by 202% and revenue by 179% month-over-month after implementing AI-based product recommendations.

Indonesia also had the highest adoption of AI in the SEA region, with 24.6% of organisations adopting the technology according to IDC. AI potentials are now seen in the country’s financial, logistics, retail, and supply chain sectors.

However, for this AI adoption to really advance and help with the country’s digitalisation objectives, organisations in Indonesia will need a robust and reliable infrastructure that will help with their most demanding AI projects.

Dell Technologies, with its portfolio of Dell EMC PowerEdge modern servers, brings these capabilities. Delivering high-performance computing for AI, the latest generation of PowerEdge servers will enhance both business agility and time to market, with the ability to support transformational workloads necessary for AI adoption.

Suitable for heavy AI workloads, Dell EMC PowerEdge servers support NVIDIA GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink, a high-speed GPU-to-GPU interconnect that provides higher bandwidth, more links and improved scalability for multi-GPU system configurations.

Indonesia’s potential in AI adoption is monumental, and the complimenting powerful and modern servers from Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio can help ensure that this potential is realised, providing a platform that adapts to any changing needs and drives innovation. To learn more, click here.

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